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Why can't I purchase more lives?

jsichlerjsichler Posts: 2 New Bee

Why can't I purchase more lives? It suddenly stopped working. I reset my bank info and still no go. Help


  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,392 Legend

    What error msg u seeing? Can screenshot? Restart ur device n update to latest version n try

  • jsichlerjsichler Posts: 2 New Bee

    It just shows the circle going never moves on.round and round. It's worked for years and suddenly stopped. I play on a laptop thru facebook.

  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,392 Legend

    r u on win10, HTML platform? Can screenshot ?

  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 11,316 Superstar

    Hello @jsichler Hearty Welcome to our wonderful King Community 🤗

    I m sorry to hear about the issue in your game!

    I am sure the reason behind the "unsuccessful purchase" is -- the servers being down and the Heavy internet usage all over! Comparatively, laptops need a bit extra energy than the Mobile devices (with regards to Internet).

    You know with the pandemic, everybody using internet from their homes, and people without jobs relying on their games for stress relief, kids with on-line classes, etc., etc., created so much load on the internet servers.

    So, please do not worry that you are not able to make a purchase. Just wait till odd hours to make a purchase, like a mid-night (if you are not sleeping 😄). Otherwise, use a mobile device rather than a PC just for the purchases. If you are buying Gold Bars, there is no difference But, if you are purchasing Boosters, those will be added to your Mobile device game and it would not help if you don't play much on your mobile!

    Please post back and let me know if you need further assistance and/or clarification.

    Keep having fun in your game(s)! Have a great weekend ahead 🐤 🐇 🐤

    Signature - Superstar new 2020 FHS exp FINALpng
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