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  • Eggcracker
    Eggcracker Posts: 272 Level 3

    I must have been playing the game for years, not months! It's been especially helpful when I can't sleep, I just fire-up my trusty laptop and play a few games.

    The games have got harder, and I miss things from the old game, such as free beans, and getting 2 extra bonus moves from other players.

    My husband plays too, but he's well behind me, and forever moaning that no one sends him lives, I send them, he just never gets 'em! And he cusses me for introducing the game to him 😁

    It has certainly helped having this game in recent months, you can just zone-out and forget things for an hour or two (maybe three!)

    There are still little tricks of the game I've yet to discover, it took me a year or more before I found you could grow a seed with a bash of the shovel, or crack eggs with tractors 😊 I wish there were a cheat-sheet made by someone, listing all the little hints and tricks of the game.

    Pet hates are snowballs and bombs, they make the game too stressful to play.

    My favourite part is the look on a chicken's face when it lays an egg!

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 7,873 Friends Moderator

    I play several King games, but I especially like the challenge of Farm Heroes Saga. It's more than just collecting cropsies -- there are many unique features such as sheep, bulls, poppies, etc. Also, the game lets you grow flowers and grass from seeds as you harvest crops. The diversity of the interactions is what I love, so I appreciate that this game is so different from the Candy Crush series of games. I also am really pleased with the options to win free boosters -- the more the better. I play any time of day, just for fun and to keep my brain challenged.

  • tkbm7872
    tkbm7872 Posts: 561 Level 3

    Hello!! @QueenMia. Thanks for the @Diamod Lim tag. Well, I started playing for a long time, first I did it on facebook but then I couldn't use it anymore so now I do it on my cell phone I usually like Farm Heroes when I have finished my housework I like it a lot because it relaxes me and entertains me but when I run out of lives I can't even buy the beans so I have. wait to have lives again. I really like when Bonnie appears and I wish she had events every week I still look forward to Mother Gallina !! but I love Farm Heroes !!

  • vama1720
    vama1720 Posts: 4 Newbie
    edited September 2020

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  • Titadengucho
    Titadengucho Posts: 1 Newbie

    I play FarmHeroes because it's a good way to "get out" of the routine of everyday. It helps me relax and have a little fun for a moment.

    Normally I play during my lunch hour. :)

  • christine88
    christine88 Posts: 844 Level 4

    This was one of the first games I played but I took a very long break from it. Anyway, I play farm heroes because it is different from the other games. I like to play while I'm hold at work or after work or just before bed to calm (haha) down.

  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,679 Community Hub Moderator

    Hello @QueenMia and thank you again for another great contest.

    When I first started playing King's game about 10 years ago, I started off with Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga was one of it too. I've stopped playing PRS for a long time when I got stuck at level 861 and stopped playing FHS after I chose to only installed 1 game in my mobile due to storage constraint.

    Recently, I started playing FHS again and PSS cos I wanted to increase my badge collection 🀭and enjoying it though I'm progressing very slow cos I'm playing in Facebook only.

    I don't have specific strategies to play the game. For hard and super hard level, I would normally try out the level without using any companions. Study the game board and move the cropsies in the grass to earn more points and play at the bottom level to allow more diff cropsies to drop.

    Take time to play and not to rush the game cos it will make us lose focus.

    That's all from me πŸ˜…still yet to get the 50 levels FHS badge cos stuck at level 70+.

  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,679 Community Hub Moderator

    Thanks @Diamond Lim for the tag ❣️😊

  • KingChewy
    KingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend

    @QueenMia - I play FH when I need a break from candy and 🍩 because it’s good for ya 😜

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