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(ENDED) (The Finals) “Farm Heroes Got Talent” - Win Gold Bars!

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Hello Farmers,

Our superstar @Elsa has ask @Sofia1992 and myself to help with the Finals!

Are you ready for (The Finals) “Farm Heroes Got Talent”?

Let’s see the Cropsies that have made their way here! From the past weeks contest we have the Strawberry Cropsies – Hip-hop dance, the Sun Cropsies – Karate and the White and black sheep – Recite poem and jokes

Our Storyteller Elsa and her friend Tiffi put their heads together this past summer in Candy Crush Friends Saga, to create a talent show for Candy Crush Friends Saga. Players loved the Friends’ Got Talent contests this past summer in, so the CMs requested our Storyteller “Elsa” to create a Talent contest for Farm Heroes - “Farm Heroes got talent”. 

This is the Finals “Farm Heroes got talent”.   

Our three cropsies have made it to the Final talent show. There is no ending, as you already know if you read Farm Heroes Got Talent Farm Heroes Got Talent (Part 1) and Farm Heroes Got Talent (Part 2)

If you haven’t the stories, you should to vote and answer correctly!

Below please find the Final three participating Cropsies in the contest “Farm Heroes Got Talent” contest. 

Here is how to participate:

Vote for your choice of the participating Cropsies!

State your reason for your choice from the story “Farm Heroes Got Talent” (Part 1, 2 and 3)! 

5 players will be randomly chosen to win 50 Gold Bars for their Farm Heroes’ game

The contest will start today Monday, 9th November and end Monday Nov 23rd at 11:00 CEST

Terms and Conditions here.

(ENDED) (The Finals) “Farm Heroes Got Talent” - Win Gold Bars! 76 votes

Strawberry Cropsies – Hip-hop dance
Filly_McBeanfirebombmarkuswitte040480[Deleted User]GrachuhDada13nowshin[Deleted User]SashagggMountainMomNix66BubbleGumSodamahdiealmahdiehbic29zehrahazalyady84donte06emilylyiannisacrazymomma1976 38 votes
Sun Cropsies – Karate
007jaycDiamond_LimAnno_2gmverdi1976Susmithaencantessiti_payungdbomesbergerBraunLeny05Mr_Peelymountainjoyfable1707nguyenanhduy1591999vodanh54shemekiaEkriegermrsanderson2sara320 19 votes
White and black sheep – Recite poem and jokes
kika131KingChewyimabearnutRinno2013ange2019pepper118rajdeeptbNRPscoutenangelatkbm7872DeDogsinalcoElsbyGang20rbson59mindymint47Oliva8Crazylady37KingCandyAppledbuscaglia 19 votes


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