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πŸ™Œ ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW - The basics of Farm gameplay at a glance!

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Have you got a burning question about the game's features? Look no further for the main ones and if you still need help, don't suffer in silence. Things are only easy when you know the answer!

The game basics

Blockers and obstacles of Satisfaction (ie irritating annoyances haha) at a glance

How to play farm heroes saga!

What are magic beans and how do we get them?

Why am I getting beans, not lives (or lives not beans)?

What is the farm club and how do we use companions?

A guide to Farm Heroes Boosters

Note that shovels recharge so you get a free one every 6 hours, but as long as you have 0 and you buy before pressing play, you can buy 3 at a time with 250 beans. Once you start the level they cost gold!

Things that you will need to collect and grow!


Grass and hayseeds (both work the same)

Cleaning up slime and making points on grass! Make grass cover slime patches. Slime can't ooze where the grass is.

How do we clean slime?

How do I remove fireflies?

How do I collect the fireworks?

How do I remove the spider?

How do we make the chicken lay eggs and make chicks?

How do we grow an alligator?

How do we make water droplets?

How do I grow mushrooms?

How do I move the bull?

Things that are there to annoy us πŸ˜‰

Cleaning up the weeds.

Squishy fat frogs.

Snow patches and snowballs.

Breaking the ice.

Counting down, the guide to bombs.

Rancid. How to beat him (and sadly not with a shovel!)

You can find more questions over in the help center here, or just ask one of our friendly community members! Look out for the Farm Mods in particular πŸ“

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