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Never heard a "Great!" when matching "opposite" cropsies (level 432 help)

Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 220 Level 3
edited January 24 in Discussions

In levels 425 and 432, I was matching cropsies when I didn't see a "Great!" in the center of the screen, which is awful.

In level 432, this level has 4 cropsies, but require only two. I'm talking about colors, and when I match a green or a blue, and it came with a string of 6 or more consecutive matches, which a few of the consecutive matches were red and yellow (red and yellow are goal orders), not a single "Great!" sign was seen!

I was having help with the sheep in level 432.


  • 一氧化二氫一氧化二氫 Posts: 11,306 Legend
    edited January 24

    Hi @Evan_Lei Let me try to help you.

    First,you have to clear all the flowers as soon as possible so that you can move those sheep.

    When you move those sheep,the better way is moving them layer by layer(see the screenshot).And during this period,you can have a larger space to collect those goal crops(coz those flowers were removed.)

    It may need more time to try since it is a super hard level.🌶🔥☠Let me know if you still need help.Good luck and keep having fun.😀

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    FHSS🐕🐐🐿 level 2860(100% completed)

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    FHS:The special round,Animal Companion

    FHSS:Super Showdown,Country Show

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  • encantesencantes Posts: 1,407 Level 5
    edited January 24

    @Evan_Lei and Welcome again in the Community 🍓🍎🍏

    You have a problem with the cropsies matching, you don't see on the game tab "Great" 🙂

    At level 432 you have to collect strawberries and suns, Great will appear depending on the cropsies's value at the moment that you are matching them.

    The value points on the cropsies only stay until the next move. So if you have multiple chances to get extra points, once you make a move, the rest go and need to be match again.

    Great will appear when you have a high number on the cropsies, may be more than 5, it will never appear when you match on level 432 water droplets and green apples

    I hope I answered to your question, if not may you please clarify in order to help you.

    Waiting for your reply 😉🙂

    Have a nice day 🌞🌞🤗🤗

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 220 Level 3

    I was having difficulty passing this level now. With 22 moves and 200 cropsie requirements for two colors, it is almost impossible. Also I was having problems having to move sheep, as 22 moves is not enough. I think raising moves to 24 or lowering each cropsie to 80 each for goals to make it a little bit easier.

    • It takes 12 moves or less (mainly 8 or less) to clear all the flowers.
    • It takes 8 moves or more to move the sheep!
    • The remaining moves is to match these cropsies.
  • apichanapichan Posts: 7 Level 2
    edited January 25
  • encantesencantes Posts: 1,407 Level 5
    edited January 24

    @Evan_Lei Hi again 🍓🍏

    I try to give you some tips:

    Match the cropsies to clear the flowers and as soon as move the sheep to have the chance to collect them togheter. This level is not hard, try only to play to collect the sheep, don't think too much about the number of moves. I'm sure that you can pass it!

    Let me know 🤗🤗🤗

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 220 Level 3

    I passed this level yesterday. This level is almost impossible.

  • encantesencantes Posts: 1,407 Level 5

    @Evan_Lei Well done! 👏👏👏👏

    I was sure about it, sometimes you need just little patience and you pass it! 🍓🍏🌞🌺

    Have a good day 🤗🤗

  • Evan_LeiEvan_Lei Posts: 220 Level 3

    There were more examples of these not having the "Great!" sign in the center that I have encountered. I tried levels 441 and 444.

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