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👉 ***ENDED ***Battle of the Farm Mods! ⚽ ⚽ Guess correctly and get a badge!

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Good afternoon farmers!

Not sure if you have heard, there has been a little football match on recently. Nothing important 😎

However whether you follow the football or not, this was a big one and its down to the finals.

So why are we running a contest that has nothing to do with Farm Heroes? Because quite simply it involves two of your Farm mods! @encantes comes from Italy who is playing my home country of England! So along with @PummyRaj we thought it would be good to share the excitement.

So the contest is a really easy one. You just need to put which country you predict will win. That's all!

England or Italy.

The prizes for the correct guesses only will be awarded special badges. At the moment both of these badges are the same and look like this:

Heh heh did you think we would spill the beans today 😉🤣 I can tell you though that if Italy wins and you voted for them, you will get @encantes special badge. If you vote England and England win, you will get a special badge from me. Both kindly made by @bearwithme who we sprung it on last minute.

The contest runs until the match ends on Sunday 11th July. At which point once the whistle blows, this thread will be closed and the badges will be given to the winners hopefully next week. Kick off is 8pm BST.

And on top of that….we are going to throw some gold bars in too!

Three of the winning team answers will each get 25 gold bars in their farm game only!

Terms and Conditions here

Good luck everyone and especially to the teams of both countries!



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