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*ENDED* 💧💧 Cropsie Challenge Tournament QUEST FOUR 💧💧

Lady_Choo Posts: 22,092 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited August 2021 in Contests

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Good afternoon Farmers. Its Friday which means its a new challenge day!

This weeks featured cropsie is the water drop!

Without this wonderful cropsie we would have no apples or carrots or strawberries 🍏🥕🍓

The world would be a pretty barren place, apart from the whole dying of thirst hitch, we would have no lakes to swim in, no rainshowers 🌧☔🌦 to dance in and where would be the fun in that.

Plus we would all be very stinky! I don't know about you but I love my bathtime 🛀 😁😁

Who can resist that cheeky little face even when it isn't so happy? So its only fair that he gets a turn too.

We've made it challenging for you over the last three weeks so this week we have decided to make it a little easier for you!

💧💧 This challenge is in two parts💧💧

  • Share with us your favourite level where water drops are heavily featured. They can be already on the board, or made by hitting the buckets. The choice is yours. Tell us why you like that level
  • In the same post, show us your map screen, the highest level you completed so that we can see your progress!

💧💧 What do we win? 💧💧

3 winners will be selected from correct entries and awarded 25 gold bars each

💧💧 Rules 💧💧

Posts must include both favourite level AND the map screenshot of your own map to be included in the contest

You only need one post to take part

If possible try to mark the screenshot as yours

Post your highest map level (not where your chosen level is)

💧💧 Duration 💧💧

Contest will end 17:00 CST Friday 27th August ready for the final contest to begin

 terms and conditions of the contest

Good luck farmers!



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