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  • eugene
    eugene Posts: 182 Level 3

    Another week - I STILL HATE IT!!

    not playing as much at all - finding other games to keep me occupied. please put it back the way it was

  • eugene
    eugene Posts: 182 Level 3

    I am playing a level now that I will be on for a very long time I think. lots and lots of eggs. very few crops to gather - and eggs don't count in filling the companion so totally worthless to even try and use those.


    I think NOT.


  • BQN537
    BQN537 Posts: 24,030 Pro Player 👑

    Here is another example of the companions being useless. If you get 4 or 5 eggs they do not count . Please put it back to the old way 🍄🚜

  • ayesoh
    ayesoh Posts: 2 Newbie

    February 2022 and it seems like the test is either back or they’ve changed the way you activate the companion ability to requiring making 4 matches and I HATE HATE HATE it! In fact there’s many things I hate about the way they’ve changed the game and after playing for several years and completing more than 3000 levels I’m about ready to quit playing it so annoying!

  • ayesoh
    ayesoh Posts: 2 Newbie

    I, like someone else said, just joined the community just so I could make my opinion known about this! I HATE HATE HATE it!!! This actually makes using the companions a waste especially since you have no way of knowing what the board looks like until you get into it. If the board doesn’t allow for a lot of 4 or more matches you’ve just wasted beans. In addition to my hate for the companion booster I hate that there’s instructions on how to fill the water, or set off the firecracker etc. EVERY TIME I start the level, I KNOW how to do this! The new update is just awful and after playing for several years and completing over 3000 levels I’m ready to quit.

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,342 Pro Player 👑
    edited February 2022

    @Lady_Choo I was trying to figure out why I was having so much trouble with these levels and companions...even asking my Teammates @BQN537 for advice, help as I was going 7, 8 day's on a level and using all my booster's with these useless companions.....companions that use to help you collect your Cropsies count, but now do nothing accept take away the bean count the bean count that could be used for the only 1 booster you can atleast purchase without cash money the lonly shovel....which is the only help you receive without costing you money that is until King Games decide's to take that away from us to....please don't give them that idea of course they already know that.....

    @Lady_Choo, @QueenB I do not in any way run, hide or feel afraid to say anything about my Farm Hero Saga Game because it's mine as long as I still have it downloaded, which is still something I am debating on, unless you can give me reason's why there are these change's to my companion's and my ability to collect my Cropsies the way I was before lately as it seem's other member's I see now have problem's and issues with their own game also and I ask why ? We are having these problems and issues ? Is this all about money ? Maybe it is over the deal between Activision and Microsoft ? If it is the later then why take it out on the companion's and how they work within the game.....as this is just down right wrong and it will drive me to Quit Playing Farm Hero Saga altogether and I believe it will do the same with a lot of other Community members and other players from around the world as I Tweet, and Facebook along with Instagram account all about my experience with my King Games and I do have a good following indeed.....this is something that I like doing playing and getting excited about passing level's and shouting out to my friends how fun it is.....but it won't be anymore if this continue's as I also vote on King Games Panel and I surely will vote against this and every single issue brought up from now on......hope you see the seriousness of these issues and concern's we the member's of Farm Hero Saga who are actually play and some who pay to play have my dear sweet friends indeed we have......

    Thank you as I am looking for you to please address these question's, issue's, concern's, and problem's we all have with this Wonderful game we love.... ❓my friends including @Racoon7, @ElenaVorona, @eugene .....

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,089 Level 3

    I often read the idea sections in different games.

    And I have already written several times to the authors of the ideas that all games are different and each game has its own unique features, for which we love these games.

    Now, ironically, I see how the Studio itself destroys the unique features of this game (FHS). The studio is destroying the features that we loved this game for.

    I will repeat again. This is the best puzzle King has come up with. And she was perfect.

    But now it's completely out of balance. This innovation disgusts me. It's not fun, you know?!

    I am now addressing those people who have contact with the Studio.

    Guys, please tell the Studio that their "brilliant idea" is a complete failure. This is a mistake that will cause them to lose players and lose money that could have come from those players.

    Isn't it obvious?

    The players don't like it.

    What else should the players tell you so that you understand that you have made a mistake???

  • eugene
    eugene Posts: 182 Level 3

    so I have cut way back totally on playing FH - so decided to try Candy Crush again - OMG - they have stupid flashing things over there that are just the worst. so now I have to go complain over on that game forum.


  • galindog1
    galindog1 Posts: 6 Level 2
    edited February 2022

    This game that I used to enjoy playing is no longer fun. Utilizing the cropsies to help you pass levels involved strategy and using your moves to collect the booster cropsies. Now it's trying to connect four or making the L and T, wasting your moves. I no longer enjoy playing this game, it's just frustrating.

    Does anyone have suggestions on a game that's like Farm Heroes to play? I'd like to find something else that is actually fun.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,089 Level 3
    edited February 2022


    There are games similar to Farm Heroes.

    But I'll tell you honestly.

    I think it's completely unethical on King's court to encourage players to play the games of King's competitors.

    You have a huge and almost limitless internet. You will find everything you want there. Open the internet. Make a request. You will see dozens of options for games similar to King's games there.

    Seek and you will find. On one's own.

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