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  • Coreena_Lilly
    Coreena_Lilly Posts: 101 Level 3

    My volume is on low...just listen when the match is made it's a low annoying pinging noise

  • Coreena_Lilly
    Coreena_Lilly Posts: 101 Level 3

    Oh & you work for King...you can pass along my message re Candy Crush. I have told them on many occasions, but like everything else they do nothing.

    All they are doing is making us actual players/supporters (spend money) is ANGRY and STRESSED OUT, & then we take it out on you. All we will do is just not spend any more money ..use our boosters and leave the games all together.

    The only people that will survive is new players....because they don' t know any difference...until they read these comments and such!!!

  • Coreena_Lilly
    Coreena_Lilly Posts: 101 Level 3

    HAHAHAHAHA Yeah right!!! They "may" make changes...if this was the case they would have stayed with the old companions and the way they worked. These new ones are horrible.

    EVERYTHING about them. I just can't get into them or the way they work...even if they give us the option of not having to use them. At least the old one were VERY HELPFUL. You knew what you needed to do and how to activate them. Except the producer...never used that one.

    I haven't played FHS in months now. Every time I start I hate it...zero joy there that's for sure.

    As I said...time to use up my boosters and move on. Not another penny from me will be spent on any King Games nor would I recommend them or encourage my friends to play with me.

  • Coreena_Lilly
    Coreena_Lilly Posts: 101 Level 3

    Growing those babies are not cute at all. And this new companion does not work like the old one...at all. It's a horrible system

  • mcsmichal
    mcsmichal Posts: 3 Newbie
  • MiladyR
    MiladyR Posts: 5,727 Level 5

    Hello @QueenB I just got the New Companions 😊. I will give you some feedback once I have played with them a bit.

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 18,658 Pet Rescue Moderator

    I agree! to all points on that comment. And what makes you think we don't spend money on games?

    One thing you are wrong with though. We don't work for King. We volunteer. There is a difference. We don't HAVE to say we like things. We have to be professional, we have to be civil and polite even when people shout at us but we don't have to agree. We ARE allowed OUR own opinion and we can voice it. But calmly. Honestly...if you have seen some of the posts I have written before you might disagree. I got the record for the longest post ever on King care saying the same sort of things you do. It had to be allowed three times by a manager before the system would allow it in. It wasn't a pretty post.

    But as regards to the hardness of the game. Its too hard. Many find it so. I am on level 2300 ish. Know why I am not at the top? Because I blog and video although its most videoing these days as I don't get time to blog because they keep messing with levels. I do NOT use boosters except for the 3 shovels I can buy with beans. Videoing a level using boosters doesn't help anyone! And so I don't. You don't want to see many many complaints from myself and the other mods about how hard x y and z level is. It would just make the community negative. But it doesn't mean that our CM doesn't hear it or that we give her and the studio our opinions. They don't always listen but that is why when players find levels hard they need to give their feedback because without it, the level is ok.

    If you are still reading this...do you know the reason why many of us mods go into this? Its not for perks. Its because we love the game and want to support the players! I don't get perks when I am trying to pass levels for 8+ hours of most days to help players. I don't get perks when people are really really mean. Or when running groups on other sites not belonging to King where we don't get seen. We do this to help you. We hear your voices and we try to do our best. And some of us have been doing that for many years nowhere near Kings viewing. We do this because we love the game.

    So I get your frustrations and your annoyance. I lost many many boosters in candy over the years before I even joined this site let alone became a mod. I gave up reporting glitches. But we are on your side.

    Personally, after several days I would rather have the old ones back. I find these cute but I don't like we can't turn them off and they are not overly clear how they work, although we should get more information on that. I am not a fan of them and if I had the choice, I would go back to the old ones where I can go back to barely using them as often I find them more unhelpful. I think that if we have them, it should be a choice whether to or not.

    What I will say is that King do listen to feedback as many many things have been changed or new ideas been removed from the game so all is not lost yet.

    I still don't hear that new ping noise when matches are made though?

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 18,658 Pet Rescue Moderator

    @Coreena_Lilly just out of interest....the pinging noises...you aren't on a level with mushrooms are you?

  • dickndeb
    dickndeb Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited July 2022

    If the forced use of companions stays, I'm gone. Rarely used them before because they are unpredictable and just screw up the next planned move. Now, rather than a relaxing mindless game it just pisses me off.

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