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🥳 Farms Birthday Challenge - Join us!🎈

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Howdy Farmers!

You are invited to celebrate Farm's 9th Birthday 🎁🎊🎉

Complete all the levels in order to collect rewards.

⏳ The event starts today, 27th of february and ends on the 5th of March!

Remember each tiers gives out boosters and some of the boosters are rechargeable boosters 🙂

🥳 Looking for more fun!

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🥳 Farms Birthday Challenge - Join us!🎈 56 votes

Awesome! I love these events
Lady_ChooSparky_2_2Dada13Grace1981Leny05kodeysmomTesatLeFlarcanesaramooUtopiasowiola2338teeweipingXxanderWendiewmika_romiju1922justmemasonCherryyyBombbbbassmamaMohammedahm 20 votes
The rewards are great
Maja_NikolicPrincess_Jessicamozza1 3 votes
I'm in love with the graphics
QueenBSpinnifixBQN537EOTheGr8La LeyPitty_Kittyme6412Racoon7Bellamy32shirl2422 10 votes
All of the above
Marcemarce22Jilybean74encantesLoveDachssinalcoMoh1977KCullen127bramamTerri_1AmoonmoonFarmerBNico_GKiki_gkasiaboschkeYuchuTamara73LeiLei227BLisafayeBabcia4 19 votes
I don't have the event
ThmoDoris_KochMountainMomShagunpro 4 votes


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