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(ENDED) 🎈🎂 Farm Birthday finale! don't miss it!🎂🎈

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Its been an eventful month for you farmers, but here is the final birthday thread!

Have you had enough badges yet? Or do you think you could squeeze one more in?

Our farm gang are relaxing and watching movies. They all seem to be enjoying whatever it is they are watching. Although looking at Rancid, peace and calm might not be his plan for the evening.

❓❓So how do we enter this contest?

You have two options. Choose which one you would like to answer.

  1. We would like you to tell us what sort of movie you think the characters like. But there is a twist. It has to be something funny that you wouldn't think that character would like. Maybe Rancid likes movies about baby animals that don't involve eating them? He sheds a tear when looking at puppies?
  2. You can name a movie they might like. Either a movie that exists already - with an animal/ fruit/ vegetable in the title, or make a new title from a movie by replacing a word in it. But it has to be fruit/ vegetable /animal related. Maybe something like "Saturday beet (night) fever"

Its up to you!

🥇 Prizes?

Five winners will receive 30 gold bars in their farm heroes game.

And everyone who takes part will receive this cute badge from the studio!

Doesn't Choo look cute!

But wait...

There is more!

Did you take part in at least 4 of the birthday celebrations this month? If you did....when you post your answer for the movie contest below, you also need to share your comments from the other threads too. Either with a link, or the screen shots in the same post.

Just as a reminder the threads were:

Celebrate Farms 9th Birthday

Farm birthday celebrations kick off

1,2,3 grow

Birthday Scavenger hunt

And todays contest.

When you have done all that you will also win this special "Birthday celebrations Farewell" badge!

(You must have entered four contests and had an entry for each that qualified to gain this badge)

The contest will end 17:00 CET time 27th March

Terms and Conditions here

Good luck everyone!!!!



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