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✍ YOU decide level 6000- which option will it be?

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Howdy Farmers 😃

Which level 6000 design will make it to the celebration? The Community decides!

Remember when we asked to team up with the Level Designers to make Level 6000

Thanks to all your feedback and votes, the level designers have come up with three different levels that they would like you to have a look and vote for your favorite one.

The level that gets the most votes, will most likely be the level that we will play to celebrate this amazing milestone.

Are you ready? Here they are 😉

Level 1: Let's Celebrate

Level 2: Celebrate by the numbers

Level 3: It's over 6000

*level 3 after removing the weeds. Noticed anything special about this level?

Note! All levels have the same difficulty 😉

Here they are, the three levels that has been designed after you shared your feedback HERE.

Vote & Comment below for your favorite level and be part of this amazing milestone celebration 🤩

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✍ YOU decide level 6000- which option will it be? 89 votes

Level 1: Let's Celebrate
MissTraciHugheskeshavrfKatt116john316xyzmaqu3nnMariajoseoviedo201cassieAndersonudmtruleemeAb_ymahdiahyazdy1362crystalannsturg 12 votes
Level 2: Celebrate by the numbers
Lady_ChoojohamiltonMaja_NikolicHeadlessThmoMarcemarce22Eva_TolarováStefan_BMitasskabearwithmeSpinnifixBQN537encantespiaanderssonsameenraheel77MiladyRLa Leymaf34100MountainMomJuliuszkuliusz1 55 votes
Level 3: It's over 6000
Werner_CichyLoveDachscarrotkingsAuntbattyJose65_6FarmerBAlmudenaFMsandiwatson68Jenny1989FynnTati_1kelynhaSsaraBori4599barbie_girl_76kodjadanie_VLadyLlamaTgray5272fertwdzienis710 22 votes


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