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Not getting quests

King_admin Posts: 3,400 Level 3
This discussion was created from comments split from: 🏆QUESTS - QUESTS - QUESTS & QUESTS🏆.


  • MollyS
    MollyS Posts: 6,896 Pro Player 👑

    Hello @PummyRaj

    Can you help me get quests like these in my Farm Heroes game? I have NEVER received these events as long as I have played the game. How can I get this fixed?

    I'm also really very curious to know if there are any other famers who have this same issue? I feel pretty sure I'm alone in this fight.

  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 35,820 Candy Moderator

    Hi Molly @MollyS🤗

    I have requested the Community Manager to move your comment to our Farm area (from Super Farm) , so that we can discuss properly.

    The Super Farm "Quests Quests" contest was about Super Farm, and it would be "off-topic" and would confuse the players if we discuss in that thread.

    Coming back to the topic, you never had Quests in your game? It has been about 2 years since you have started playing the game, right?

  • MollyS
    MollyS Posts: 6,896 Pro Player 👑

    Hello @PummyRaj

    Thanks for making this a separate topic. It is correct that I have never received Quests in my game. I have been playing for quite a while and am above level 3200. I have heard from friends and teammates that they receive these events all the time. Some have stated that they would find it impossible to keep playing without the help of the quests!

    With all the "take-aways" in the game lately (no team events, broken hero mode, etc...) I could use some help here.

    I have asked for answers in the community and from King support but received no real responses. I would like to know how many other farmers play without Quests. Can you add your full tagging lists here so we can see if anyone else has the same issue?

  • CassD
    CassD Posts: 18,516 Level 5
  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,829 Level 3


    I wanted to give you a link to a thread where I talked about a similar issue. But I can't find this thread.

    I talked about my problem. I have two gadgets (Win10 and iPhone). My iPhone has a very small screen. I break my eyes when I play on the iPhone. And sometimes I don’t exactly get to the candy that I want to move. Therefore, I prefer to play on Win10.

    For example, in CCFS, I can do this because all the functions and events on my two gadgets are the same.

    But in FHS I have a big problem. On the iPhone, I have all the events, quests and features. But on Win10 I have nothing but episode race.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,829 Level 3

    I talked about it. I posted screenshots from Win10. The moderator passed this information to the Studio.

    When I saw the answer from the Studio, I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. They answered me like this: "We looked at your profile. Most often you play on an Apple device. Therefore, we do not understand your claims."

    Yes! Damn it! I play on an Apple device, I break my eyes and don't always hit the right candy with my finger! Because my tasks on Win10 look like in the screenshot.

    MollyS, I once again tried to explain my problem. But no one paid attention to my problems anymore.

    I couldn't get through to the studio. They didn't even try to fix the problem.

    I hope you manage to draw more attention to your problem than I was able to do. I spoke to a deaf "wall". I hope that the "wall" will answer you and solve your problem.

  • BQN537
    BQN537 Posts: 25,160 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @MollyS

    I have had Farm Heroes on 3 different devices.

    2 of them were tablets which are no good anymore.

    The 3rd time is on my iPhone. I did stop playing for a year or so.

    In saying all that i have always had the quests. If I didn’t have them I would have given up on the game ages ago.

    It would be interesting 🤨 to see how many other farmers haven’t got the quest option.

    I have never played a king game on a computer .

    This is what my quests look like at the moment

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,517 Pro Player 👑
    edited August 2023

    @King_admin @PummyRaj, @MollyS I did not always have the Quest in my Farm Hero Saga Game when I first added the FHS to my playing list I had the Quest for the first 2 years everything was great it helped me out and it was so much needed because of the hard levels and the harder levels and then the Design Team lessed the moves on each levels making it impossible to complete some levels without the Quest....So the Quest was great then one day it disappeared from my game after sending several messages to Player Support and several weeks passed by it finally returned and since then it has been in my game...

    Player Support told me that the Quest was a Test Studies and it was only available in certain areas and will come and go that it was not a permanent part of the game....I wanted to know why is all Test Studies done in or around the Indonesian Areas, and why are all the places that you can watch a video for extra moves mostly in the Indonesian Area and European Countries and not all the Countries just doesn't seem fair and why are the watch a video for extra moves not considered a Test Studies and only there for a little while ?

    The Quest is one way of helping us trying to get a little help from our game although trying for the rewards for the Quest sometimes cost you the lives if you try for the Quest as some of them are hard to get, but Yes I had lost my Quest once before, but I have it back I lost it back in May 2023 not to long ago so I do know how it feels not to have it. Molly I hope they place it into your game you deserve it and a few rewards for all the ones you have passed upon by not having it all this time.😉🍁💯

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 24,991 Pet Rescue Moderator
    edited August 2023

    @ElenaVorona sometimes as part of the groups that they have players in, it can depend on which device you use as to whether you get them or not. Did you send the request in through your iphone?

    I know @PummyRaj gets many things on her ipad too. I have quests and features come up on my ipad, but not windows 10 which is what I play on. Its not true that its the device you play most on otherwise I would only have them on w10 and never the ipad or iphone. I think I opened it on my phone one a handful of times one week this year, and I have opened the ipad once.

    So therefore I can never play the quests as they don't show on windows which is where I play 99.99999 % of the time 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I also have to log out then back in again with the kingdom daily or no events show. They don't show if I log in through Facebook.

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 16,732 Pro Player 👑

    I do believe this is a device issue.

    I first started playing on Windows 10, I had no events.

    Many events like Petopia etc, only happen on a certain device.

    I bought a new phone for business reasons. I downloaded all game apps and play from my phone (I need glasses to play here) I found more options available to me, like the quests you ate referring to @MollyS

    Like you at Elena, I totally agree and understand I do use both my windows and app. I play from my app because it is better for events and features.

    I don't know what is going on anymore 🤦‍♀️🤷😥

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