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Impossible to clear level 2285 without Booster Egg Cracker

Level 2285 without special booster Egg Cracker, not 1 or 2 but 4-5, impossible to clear.  So save your gold bars to buy Egg Cracker booster.


  • krystlerose
    krystlerose Posts: 92 Level 3
    I'm on 2185 and have 6 chicks to make and  it really is impossible. Are you sure you don't mean level 2185?
  • JitendraKalra
    JitendraKalra Posts: 6 Level 2
    No it war Level 2285, now it is cleared and stuck on 2337.  Again problem of low gold bar to buy egg cracker booster.  
  • bjkeough
    bjkeough Posts: 33 Level 2
    I've collected way more than enough egg cracker boosters from doing quests... I'm on lvl 2324 and I've saved up close to 35 of them and I always use them on required boards regardless if I "really" need to or not... The app always seems to crash when my app data gets to large.. So, instead of just hoarding them, I definitely use my boosters.

    Granted, I do a lot of quests (823k beans)... But trust me, do the quests.  They will give you the boosters needed. 

    Good luck.

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