I have quests on FH but my friend doesnt

chance2012chance2012 Posts: 2
I got a new honey pot challenge today along with harvest rush and flower tower. My friend only got flower tower and has no quests

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  • chance2012chance2012 Posts: 2
    Thanks that makes sense! But what about the special quests like having to collect 25 flowers and you get 750 beans as an example. She has been getting that all along but now it’s gone. Also the harvest rush was there and now that’s gone too. I still have all of those. 
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 5,185 Superstar
    Hello again @chance2012

    Do you have any idea when your friend lost the "Quests" as well as Harvest Rush?  For some of us, both of those disappeared for couple of days and reappeared :+1:  It could be the same for her!!  

    If that is not the case and she did not have both above features from a while, please ask her to check for any available updates in her device.  Making sure that we have all the current updates installed would definitely help our game play =)

    Please post back with any information you have.  Also, if you like to win some Gold Bars for your game, please participate in this ongoing contest http://to.king.com/ox8t

    Looking forward to talk to you further!  Have a nice rest of the day/evening =)
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