Farm Heroes Saga Screen Has Shrunk on Laptop (Feedback has been shared with the Studio).



  • eugeneeugene Posts: 76 ✭✭✭
    tiny little board in the middle of my nice big screen that looks like a screen shot from a phone - OMG - what part of "if we are playing on a computer it must be for a reason - like we have a nice big screen that we can see" don't you understand.  This is NOT better - fix it!!!!! 
  • eugeneeugene Posts: 76 ✭✭✭
    I have a nice big wide screen to play on my computer that I can see - and now we have what appears to be a screen shot of a mobile screen.  THIS IS NOT BETTER   
  • JustGayleJustGayle Posts: 4
    I didnt like playing on my phone because it's small, so now they emulate my phone on my laptop !! Thanks
  • BCDiggersBCDiggers Posts: 3
    Mine too! Quit making changes to the game it was just fine before.
  • ban508esban508es Posts: 2
  • cherub56cherub56 Posts: 5
    I too have a shrunk screen!!  I can't even tell where my options are to use...shovel, etc.  They aren't even on the screen!!!  I've signed off and on at least 5 times with no luck!  It's almost impossible to play....Please HELP!!!
  • kimmylkimmyl Posts: 1
    Mine too
    Mine also too small for me to play 

  • DeniseODeniseO Posts: 2
    screen is way too small today! why is a screen meant for a phone showing on my pc????  
  • mmaakkiinnmmaakkiinn Posts: 0
    Why has the game shrinked in size can barely see it...the game was fine before why all the changes
  • dragonflyloverdragonflylover Posts: 1
    Hate the new layout of farm heroes today. It is so small on the screen I can't see the board and the rest of the computer screen is blank. Please put it back horizontal instead of vertical. Why do you feel the need to fix something that isn't broken
  • dragonflyloverdragonflylover Posts: 1
    I agree. Can't see the game. Put it back please
  • pmckeonpmckeon Posts: 4
    Have they responded as to why its like this now? Or if it's going to stay this way?
  • Marjorie_WeberMarjorie_Weber Posts: 0
    I like that I can play on several platforms all that used to be in sync.  Now on my iMac Facebook, the game was recently upgraded and stops at level 2650 while it continues on my iPad. It also seems that the game on the iMac does not update automatically and I could not figure out how to initiate an update. Is there a problem with the iMac FB game? Thanks!
  • poogerdopoogerdo Posts: 0
    Why is the screen so small now, it is to hard to see, if it is staying like this the I am done with the game.
  • littlerockboblittlerockbob Posts: 2
    I too have a shrunk screen.     Apple did have an update this morning and I restarted computer and had no trouble using this app @10AM Central Time.   This evening logged in at 8:30PM CST and tried safari and chrome while I never could get Safari web-browser to get pass the final step to load.   The graphics in the background show that it is a small screen on both web-browsers..... must be on your end or facebook.         Good luck and have a nice evening / day!   Bob
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