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  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Teresa_87Teresa_87 Posts: 9 Level 2
    I like the team idea cause you have a better chance of collecting all the pots before time runs out, but it would be better if you received more than 3 pots as the maximum. 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie
    If you win a Super Hard level, you get 5 pots. When you complete an episode, you get 13 pots.

    I hope this helps.

  • imabearnutimabearnut Posts: 233 Level 3
    I love the Queen Bee!  I love all the characters & adore the Farm Heroes Saga “eyes”!
  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,417 Legend
    Queen Bee is very useful. 
  • bigbillmrbillbigbillmrbill Posts: 32 Level 2
    I'm new to this hope I'm posting right?
    I've got the bee since day one and it helps in many ways 

    The player that adds the most Honey to the Pot, will be crowned and get a permanent +1 Growth booster, which is applied automatically at the start of every level.

    Honey Harvest lets you contribute to a team by coming to the game, winning levels, and completing episodes. The whole team is rewarded once you've reached each gift box:

    You can also send lives to their buddies to keep the fun going 🤗

    🐝🍯🍯 🐝

    While you're here and reading this exciting news, we would love to hear your thoughts:

    1. How do you like the new addition of Queen Bee and the rewards she gives out for the most active Honey Pot collector?

    2. Do you enjoy playing with your team? Why is that?


  • bigbillmrbillbigbillmrbill Posts: 32 Level 2
    I'm new to this hope I'm posting right?
    I've got the bee since day one and it helps in many ways
  • EggcrackerEggcracker Posts: 255 Level 3
    Hi @QueenB, my second set of team members are better at collecting as they must play more, the first team barely collected anything. I'm the chief collector with 74 pots, and had high hopes, but sadly I'm stuck on the roadblock for *3 more days.

    *I would go back to Rancid to try and win the key, but for that I need a lot of beans, and, as you may recall, I ain't gettin' any  ;)  

  • Kchambers70Kchambers70 Posts: 5 Level 2
    Queen Bee is a fun side game that makes mobile and desktop similar.  Thank you!!
  • stan1981stan1981 Posts: 3,417 Legend
    Yes. Queen Bee is useful... my team quite inactive... usually I get 300+ honey pots all the time.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie
    I have always had the Queen Bee in my group. Unfortunately, I will have to stop collecting her. That is because I will be making some videos of levels, and I want to show others how to complete levels without any boosters at all. Or maybe just one shovel.
  • BrustleSprooteBrustleSproote Posts: 1 Newbie
    I definitely like the benefit of Queen Bee, but have to side with the consensus that the pop-up animation is annoyingly long and just another delay to playing. When I play (any game), I like to get to it the action immediately. Pop-up animations, splash screens, etc., that delay game play really do discourage interest in playing the game, especially when there are so many flying at you constantly. Yes, they are all cute and fun, but I don't really want or need to see all that (personal opinion)...or at least, I would like to have a choice about whether I want to sit through it or not.

    Therefore, I suggest the following: Please allow TAP-THROUGH (that is, tap the screen and the animation closes immediately) on ALL animations. Currently, some do this and others don't. Some even allow it sometimes, and other times not. I have to agree with the complaints here and in other threads that there are far too many of these things to keep the game enjoyable. Please give us the option to bypass them. Icons and alert tags on the main board would be enough to let us know that there's something there to see. Leave it to the player to decide if they want to look at it or not.

    Related to this feature as well (as the Bee could potentially assist in fully satisfying stars/rewards for previous levels), I would also recommend a GOTO LEVEL function, perhaps located in the main menu. I strive for 3 stars on all levels, but obviously cannot achieve that every time on the first go. At the same time, I don't like to become stagnant by refusing to proceed until I get my three stars for each level, so I try to go back later to levels where I've left stars behind, and that's not easy to do after awhile. There is also the matter of the Farm Club rewards that you achieve for each level. If you don't get them all the first time and move on, you leave them behind, and once you've gone down the path a ways (say by level 1000 or so), it gets harder and harder to get back to those levels to try for full stars/rewards. And while the Farm Club rewards board allows you to jump to specific levels, it only allows for levels that correspond to a Farm Club reward, not all levels where stars have been left unachieved. Therefore, there needs to be a GOTO LEVEL option that allows the player to specify a particular level, rather than having to unnecessarily spend lots of time scrolling down the board to find incomplete levels, or else fishing through the Farm Club section to try and find the level you want to play. Many other games have similar features, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

    That's my 2¢. Let's make it happen!
  • EggcrackerEggcracker Posts: 255 Level 3
    @QueenB, I so agree with @BrustleSproote about the 'go to level' option, it's so laborious having to scroll back.
  • BabongoBabongo Posts: 65 Level 2
    Very interesting team concept.  I am intrigued enough to try.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    The tap through does work on some of the animations. The goto button has been on my wish list for some time. The priorities for the team are (but maybe not in this order) bug fixes, new levels, adjusting level difficulty, new features. Since adding the goto button is not fixing a bug that is causing the game to crash, it is a low priority. One such low priority request is in the following topic:

    That one took about 12 months to sort out.

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