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NEW! Introducing the Queen Bee 🐝 - What are your thoughts?

QueenBQueenB Posts: 4,534 Community Manager
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The player that adds the most Honey to the Pot, will be crowned and get a permanent +1 Growth booster, which is applied automatically at the start of every level.

Honey Harvest lets you contribute to a team by coming to the game, winning levels, and completing episodes. The whole team is rewarded once you've reached each gift box:

You can also send lives to their buddies to keep the fun going 🤗

🐝🍯🍯 🐝

While you're here and reading this exciting news, we would love to hear your thoughts:

1. How do you like the new addition of Queen Bee and the rewards she gives out for the most active Honey Pot collector?

2. Do you enjoy playing with your team? Why is that?


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