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Margo_Holloway Level 3


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  • Dear @PrettyBubbles , Greetings from Adelaide, Australia....I hope this finds the moderating team healthy and well...I had hoped after the debacle of the Vampire Wedding game of some months back, there would no more of these types of "games within games"... No such luck...The Monster Within game invaded my BWS3 gaming…
  • Hello, Greetings from Adelaide, South Australia... I have played most of the King games over the years...I can't remember when I started playing Bubble Witch Saga, but it must have been soon after BWS One came out...from then on I was hooked...I played through BWS1 and 2, and then BWS3 when it came out in 2014 I think....I…
  • Hello @PrettyBubbles, greetings from Adelaide, Australia....and thank you for your moderating efforts on our behalf... My accumulation of unusable Stardust finally surpassed the 1,000,000 mark this week... about all I use it for is buying occasional extra [email protected] has give some excellent suggestions....I would like…
  • 💙 Olen Of the 5 chosen potential ghost names, my choice is Olen...it sounds the most ghostly to me
  • Thank you @QueenMia ...Wishing you well from Downunder...Many Blessings for you and yours...
  • Thank [email protected] Gold Hat has appeared...OMG...Somehow the level seems to be playing more smoothly...😮😆
  • That is good to know @PrettyBubbles...the reinstall was needed, because I couldn't access the game anyway....I could only get as far as the Orange King page and I was getting chucked out...I have regained my inner calm...😎
  • Hi @PrettyBubbles, in frustration I deleted BWS3 from my device and reinstalled it... I have all my games and levels back...one of the joys of automatic game saving with having a King Community account...I will get bubbles back soon....for one brief shining moment I thought the Wedding Event had vanished...unfortunately it…
  • @PrettyBubbles while I am having a sustained gripe, can something be done about giving decent useful bubbles as the daily gifts...today's one at day 720+ (I don't keep track of this much) was 200 Stardust...last count I had 964,146 of Stardust, so 200 is meaningless to me, particularly when the only thing I can spend it on…
  • Hello again @PrettyBubbles ...This is now bordering on ridiculous...Now when I activate the BWS3 icon to open the game, I get the orange King starting page, and that"s as far as I get....after a few seconds I am booted back to my home screen and the BWS3 icon... rebooting doesn't fix it...I am loathe to go nuclear and…
  • Hello @Bookster and @PrettyBubbles...the more I play this imposition, the more I dislike it, and there's 12 more days to go...Another thing I have found that you cannot do is go back any games at all, even in the Chapter beginning 4401...that makes it very hard to Wake up the Tree with any degree of speed....At least I see…
  • Thank you @PrettyBubbles for your prompt clarifying reply...it comforting to know that at some point I might be able to get back to my normal levels, but I fear it going to take me longer than usual to get there with hardly any bubbles to help me get through tricky games ... Kind Regards, Margo
  • Thankyou @PrettyBubbles ... Greetings from Adelaide, Australia My favourite go to level is Chapter 111...Game 2187 is good for red and blue bubbles, and all red 2190 is also good for black bubbles...
  • Thank you so much @PrettyBubbles for the all yellow game tip...I have been using Level 2325 which is yellow and purple...As an aside 2373 is a fun level cos it is all purple, but I have never needed that for Waking the Tree. Regards...Margot

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