Darwin’s Diary! Level Tips 🤓 - Episode 133!

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Darwin’s Diary 13 February 2020

My, oh my dearest diary!

Can you believe that 7 days have passed?? I KNOW! How crazy is that!?

As I said, it is just A M A Z I N G what is happening on the Farm!!

Shall I tell you ALL about it??

I know you want me to 😀

Ready?? Steady?? Episode 133 = GO!!!


Fidget is hiding under the bush! And I know where he is 😉

There are some green bush’s on the right corner, there are all his nuts hidden (but they are also frosty, which he doesn’t like at all!!) Ok and then there is one bush with a little bit of pinky flowers on it. Fidget loves pink so THERE he is! And here it comes: There are 4 Bananas sitting under Miss Cloud 2 (she is at the right side) and they just want to GROW! Miss Cloud loves that too and she will help to defrost the nuts 😉


Frost on Butterflies, this is something that Miss Cloud doesn’t like AT ALL!

She loves to collect any kind of Butterflies, that’s true. In fact, she likes to collect everything!! She is a real NERD hahaha! But the flowers on the top need to open up first, and if possible, after all the not-frosty Butterflies are collected, Miss Cloud will help with the rest of the flowers AND frost AND Butterflies. 


Just 1 sweet little, solitary HAY is waiting for me… I can almost taste it!!

BUT, Mr. Hedgehog decided to sleep on it and you know I am so shy (not)!! But I can’t just go and wake him up, no no. There is a lot of Ice between me and him. I am just saying, IF the ice would be gone and IF there would be a SUPER CROPSY growing right next to me, I think I can’t hold in anymore and just GO and GET that HAY!

I told you - isn’t it A M A Z I N G ??

OK, I will stop now saying A M A Z I N G haha!

See you next week then, my dear!


Darwin 🐐

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