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Hi Everyone,

I have 11,335 Silver Coins in Farm Heroes Super Saga and no boosts (watering cans, gloves or baskets). I have read that I can use them to buy these items. I was instructed to "hit shop" prior to hitting Play and I would be able to purchase the items ... but it always says that I need Gold Bars to buy them. How do I use the Silver coins to buy any of the boosts? Any help would be appreciated.



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    Hello @Fun4LB Hearty Welcome to our friendly King Community 🤗

    Yes, it is true that we can buy boosters with the Silver Coins that are available in the game. But, it is only the (1) Watering Cans and (2) Gardening Glove. We cannot buy the Baskets with the coins.

    So, to use those Silver Coins, you will have open the shop before clicking on "Play" on a level.

    You can buy 8 Pails at once for 800 Silver Coins &

    8 Gardening Gloves for 1400 coins.

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    Hope above screenshots and my explanation made sense @Fun4LB ☺️

    If you need further assistance, please post back by typing in the comment box given below.

    Thank you for posting in the Community! Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    Please take it easy & stay safe! 😷

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