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Level badges in Farm Super Saga!

FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,594 Farm Super Saga Moderator
edited March 11 in Discussions & Support

Howdy Farmers!

There are almost 3000 levels in this game but there are no levels badges of this game yet(👉 see all the badges list).

I hope they can add some badges of this game so that more people will be likely to play this game and the farmers in this game can have more motivation to keep playing.🤩

Doesn't it sound cool that you can have some farmtastic badges on your wall?🔥

How about you? Please share your opinion about this with us by commenting below 👇

The name list of all the gms неге.

The list of the guides about FHSS games неге,prevent the glitch of goats неге

Subscribe the tagging list of FHSS неге.

If you stuck in a level,don't be shy тo ask for нelp нere.

Stuck on level 160?Hope this video(on YouTube) can help.



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