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Hello Super Farmers 💪👩‍🌾

Time for new contest in our Super Farm🍐🍅🍐

Quests is a familiar feature in the Super Farm, which is fun and fulfilling the Quests will give us very useful goodies🎁

Do you like to fulfill the Quests every day?

I sure do and it is one of my favorite tasks in the game😍 If there are hard quests, I try as much as I can. I also swap some of the Quests when the task is hard but the reward is not "super"!! For example, when I have the Quest to "win 5 levels with 3 stars", and 100 Silver Coins as the reward, I swap it as I feel the reward is very little!!

Fidget the Squirrel loves it when we finish his tasks.

🏆So, This contest is all about FINISHING the QUESTS🏆

Task & Rules📜

  • You will have to complete 2 NEW Quests every week (10 Quests altogether);
  • The game gives us 3 new Quests each time. You can choose which of the 2 Quests you would like to finish per week;
  • At the beginning of the week, post a screenshot of the new Quests you are about to fulfill;
  • At the end of the week, post another screenshot after your chosen Quests are done;
  • Sundays are break days for you as it will be counting day for me➕✖️🟰
  • If you already post a screenshot of your starting Quests but would like to swap one of them, you will have to post another screenshot to show me which Quest you chose to swap;
  • If you forgot to post screenshot of your finished Quest, you will have to repeat the task;
  • All you need is 2 Quests per week. Even if you finish 3 Quests, it will not be counted towards the end goal;
  • Which task/Quest you choose to fulfill is your choice. BUT, you cannot repeat the same Quest;


In FHSS, Quests feature appears after we pass level # 50. So, if you are below that level, you will not be able to participate in this contest!!


5 Super Farmers will be picked randomly and awarded 30 Gold Bars each.

Extra Extra🎁

All Super Farmers with 10 (different) Finished Quests will win this badge🏅


This contest will stay open till 12:00pm USA EST of September 3rd, 2023

Other Timings --> 18:00pm CET (Spain) and 17:00pm GMT (UK)

Terms and Conditions here

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