I can't see my friends or get presents in the game

Marijke_RichardMarijke_Richard Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Support
No more Friends to see also no Presents getting or give away.Why?


  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,079 Community Manager
    Hi there Marijke!

    I guess you are playing the game on a mobile device?
    If yes, then please check if the game is proper connected online:

    1. Start the game
    2. Disconnect from Facebook/Kingdom
    3. Reboot your mobile device
    4. Start the game and reconnect to Facebook or Kingdom and you should now get both the daily bonus as well as seeing your friends online again :) 

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  • YvonneLYvonneL Posts: 1
    I can't see my friends and send gifts to them. Why? Sometimes the squares in the game are pink so you can't play. When reloaded I loose gifts from friends.
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