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  • Do you mean can you play Candy Crush through your Game Pass @Sprick2007? If that is what you are asking then no, Candy Crush can't be downloaded. Interestingly there were adverts for Candy Crush back in 2022 on the Game Pass and Xbox One had a playable version, so now that Microsoft owns King then maybe in the near future…
  • It is probably the 5 minute boosters you are 'missing' @zendiscus. Once you have been awarded the Daily Win boosters if you don't immediately play a level the 5 minute boosters quickly run down their time.
  • Advert features are just a temporary feature of the game. Sometimes they can disappear for months and sometimes they can just be removed from your game. If you have had adverts but now don't this is normal and not something that anyone can fix. You either have adverts, or you don't. Also if you have adverts you might find…
    in Adds Comment by Alienscar February 28
  • Is this the first time it's happened to someone with only one account? Yes, @Kerrie I think that is the first time someone has said it happened to them when they only had one account
  • If you are seeing a player with a very high score (5000+) in your Weekly Contest @khan1981imra then this isn't a cheat it is just King not caring about the repercussions of some of their actions.
    in Cheat Comment by Alienscar February 28

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