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Lola_Pop Community Manager


  • Hello @Varanasi123 and @Hammady ! Welcome to the Candy Crush Community! πŸ™Œ Welcome too,@lynetteberganzo! Don't worry, we'll help you get back on track ☺️ Do you remember if you had a King account when you used to play, or if you played connected to a Facebook account? If you did, you just need to log into that account when…
  • Everybody, welcome to the fun! It's nice to see so many people from so many different places playing together 😍 @mikimikiboom89 , here in the Community we cannot share personal information. Here you'll find some help. You can also contact our Player Support team from the game: Tap on the pink gearwheel Tap on the ? symbol…
  • Hello @kiritsi , and welcome to the Community! It's already on πŸ€— You can look up the information about Candy Crush All Stars here! Good luck & see you around!
  • Hello @Maristella1987 , and welcome to the Community! Let's see how we can help you out- what device are you playing on? Is is an iPhone, an Android mobile? Also, do you get any error message? I'll tag our Mods @kiara_wael and @bearwithme so they can also greet you 😊
  • Hi @tazz149 and welcome to the Community! We'd love to help 😊. If you're asking about the Royal Championship, that feature is not available in the game anymore, I'm afraid. The Jelly team is working on other cool features to come to the game in the future πŸ˜‰ If you're having any issue with levels where you have to "fight"…
  • Hey @jtflip , @CarlySmith , @GeminiEmpress84 , welcome to the Community! Are you enjoying All Stars? πŸ€—
  • Hello @JH25 ! I can see you've already been welcomed by our Candy Crush Mod @kiara_wael 😊 The Studio has spotted a technical issue with the cherries and knowing the device you're playing on will help us investigate further πŸ€— We'll keep you updated on this, and hope we have some good news soon!
  • Hello Jellies! We've got good news: the level has been fixed, so please close and reopen the game and you'll be able to play the level correctly. Thanks a lot for your patience while we investigated ❀️

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