New interface of Pet Rescue Saga



  • DeadOneWalkingDeadOneWalking Posts: 12 ✭✭
    nana1972 said:
    The last level i played is 2710....then i got the (Random level field)..
    I noticed one thing... Go to YouTube and check one of the new levels, the guy who is playing the new level has the map, so why we don't... The problem that we are complaining without any answer from king :(
    Thank you. Version 1.180.11 is limited to level 1683, so once I am there I'll have to update to play further levels.
    After that, I won't bother playing unless the map is restored.
  • jpwilkjpwilk Posts: 9
    I installed version 1.180.11 and once I logged on it restored it to the level I was at and I'm now playing at level 2673. Why is yours limited to 1683?
  • nana1972nana1972 Posts: 14
    @DeadOneWalking. This is strange.. try to login again... My version now 1.182.9 and waiting to get a new one. Hoping to return back my map
  • DeadOneWalkingDeadOneWalking Posts: 12 ✭✭
    Sorry, that was a typo, I'm limited at 2683.
  • nana1972nana1972 Posts: 14
     :(  :( :(   I got  the new version  1.186.12...

    NO MAP...... 
  • JayKJayK Posts: 2
    Please bring back the map. New version is not at all good to play. Sticking to one single level doesn't make any sense. Bring back the old version
  • LolaBLolaB Posts: 3
    I really dislike the new version without the map.  I tried an earlier version and got the map but none of my boosters so am back to playing without the map but it is so tedious.  I was buying the toy boxes when they came up but I am not going to waster any more money.  Please fix it!!!
  • shroomsgrlshroomsgrl Posts: 52 ✭✭
    Sorry y’all, but I am
    going to disagree with the new game interface with no actual map. If you are stuck or are trying to get three stars on as many as you can it’s now impossible. I can’t even send my friends any lives or try to beat them when playing the Mystery Mountain or Weather games. Idk what y’all did to make this happen, but can you wave a wand, push a button or wiggle your nose to change that map back? it would be GREATLY appreciated ☺️
  • nana1972nana1972 Posts: 14
    No one is listening to us from King... Everyone is asking for the Map, no one is responding... Seems we are talking alone  :(
  • JayKJayK Posts: 2
    Hey got the map back!!! Thanks King
  • nana1972nana1972 Posts: 14
    Yes yes yes.... I got it back tooo...... Thanks King
  • chill56chill56 Posts: 26 ✭✭
    I got my MAP back 😁👍😁😂 Thank you!!!
  • DeadOneWalkingDeadOneWalking Posts: 12 ✭✭
    Just updated to the latest version, the map is back for me as well.
    Thank you King.
  • nana1972nana1972 Posts: 14
    Friends, does any one reach these levels 2758-2772..?
     Mine stoped at level 2742, although i updated the game to the last version, but i saw on YouTube different versions until 2772.
    How can we get the new levels.?
  • shroomsgrlshroomsgrl Posts: 52 ✭✭
    A GIGANTIC thank you for giving my map back 💞 Did anyone else get theirs too?
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