My 9 yr old purchased stuff from you not knowing it was costing real money

I'm looking to get help with possibly getting refunded my kid spent over 300 last month and that's my house payment I've already talked to her and the bank and closed the card that it was drafted off but google play said to contact you guys with this 


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    Hi @Bryanbuchner, ooops! Sorry this happened.  I'll copy+past from the 'Something went wrong with my purchase' post it includes links to the 'contact' page, below. I hope they can help.

    Did you receive the purchase but you couldn’t use it?

    Contact us here and tell us what went wrong exactly and we’ll help you out.

    Here are some examples of possible sticky situations:

    • You bought Gold Bars to finish a level but you didn’t receive the extra moves.
    • The game crashed or reloaded after your purchase.

    Don't worry! We can help you find the solution to your purchase issues. If you can't seem to solve it. Don't hesitate in contacting us here.

    Too many games, not enough time!

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    Hi @Bryanbuchner

    Google Play may deny a refund on these purchases since you are responsible for:

    1. If you shared your game and device with an unauthorised person or minor.
    2. If you shared the login details to your Google Play account with an unauthorised person or minor. 
    3. For not having any PIN set up on your Google Play account, and therefore letting anyone who can access your device to also allowing them to access your Google Play account and payment details.

    Our Player Support usually refund some of these purchases one time, so please send them an email as Lynette advised above. Please note that they may also deny a refund of the same reasons as Google Play. 

    In order to avoid these unauthorised purchases on your Google Play account in the future, please set a PIN for purchases in the Google Play Store or remove your payment details from the account. 

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