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Level 3000 is here! Let's celebrate with Gold Bars! (finished)

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 3,045 Community Moderator
edited December 2019 in Discussions

Level 3000 is being released across all platforms. If you don't have it yet, don't worry your device will be updated with it soon!

To celebrate this, all players that have reached level 3000 will get 30 Gold Bars and also a Pet Rescue Saga badge in their profile here in Community. 

Simply post your level score (the level completed pop up) on level 3000 to celebrate and to get the Gold Bars and the badge.

If you haven't got that high up yet, don't worry, all players that have reached level 1000 or 2000 can also join the party! Replay level 1000 or level 2000 and post the score from that level instead. All players that post their score from level 2000 will get 20 Gold Bars and level 1000 10 Gold Bars!

Remember that you can only participate once and win Gold Bars. 

You have until Sunday 1 December 2019 23:00 CET to participate and the Terms and Conditions are right here.

Do not have a Community account yet? 
Then sign up right here to participate! 



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