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Pet Rescue Saga and Duplicate Tabs

Lyn73Lyn73 Posts: 2 New Bee
edited January 5 in Support
When I am in the middle of playing a game in Pet Rescue Saga, a Duplicate Tabs warning pops up on the screen and I have to refresh the game.  I only have the ONE game playing in the ONE browser (Chrome).  I am losing a life this way and it is happening a lot tonight.  It also happened a few times last night and when I tried to refresh the game, would not completely load on my computer.  It would only load as far as the the page with the pets and the blocks and stop.  I was two games away from a treasure chest and in 1st place, but the game would not load?!  Even when I restarted my computer!!  Do I need to use a different browser because I like using Chrome?

Hope you can help.


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