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Cats vs Dogs

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,972 Community Moderator
edited February 12 in Discussions

It's called the battle of the battles. The Battle with a capital B that has been going on for years without any clear winners or any side that has found the best arguments.

Are you a Crazy Cat Lady or is it the man's best friend you can't live without? Which do you prefer, cats or dogs? 

Vote and comment your best argument why you prefer cats or dogs. 

Cats vs Dogs 31 votes

Cats, of course! What else!?
Crazy Cat LadSukanta_BiswasPat_Ferrarokiara_waeltsaytdsSeraphicStarDeepshikhaSharanchristine88somechickieGTFantishareg_29blackgirl47Kmeind70 14 votes
Dogs definitely. They are the best!
Janet_SchulteFoley1362mysticalmystybearwithmeBQN537Lola_Popnrwcklaybasket66mom66debrichmondpopanda55tayllaedengrundyLibertyissocoollilredheadsishivi_hiviPupperino 17 votes


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