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When not enough animals fall down to complete / win the level and you lose your streak?

I left a previous message but don't think it is in the right discussion. I'm on 3200 level and I play 99 percent on my phone. The levels and everything is going fine until I get to the game where it ask for 18 animals to be rescued and I'm on 17/18 with more than enough moves to win the game. I keep touching the screen and no animals will drop so I can win and not lose my streak. I'm on a 53 streak and don't want to lose this. It always ask me if I don't want to lose my streak but doesn't ever give me the opportunity to not lose my streak. I've stopped playing and didn't finish the game so I don't lose my streak. It has given me 5 extra moves from watching a video and after having 13 moves left and still the last animal didn't drop for me to complete the game. It's still on 17/18 and it offered to watch a video for 5 extra moves. I thought the last animal would drop down so I can complete the game. I touched the screen and four moves left and still nothing drops down. I touched it again and nothing now on three moves left. I stopped after my last 13 moves and nothing drops down. Now my last 5 moves and still not last animal drops down for me to win the game. Can someone tell me how to save my 53 streaks that I'm on so I don't lose them even though the game is cheating me out of my streak by not giving me the opportunity to win the game which I would since I had plenty of moves and enough extra help if I needed it which I didn't since I had plenty of moves for one last animal.


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