🐱❤️ Send Out Love to the Pets ❤️🐶

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Hello everyone! Thank you all for rescuing so much pets! But it really isn't so fair to those who are still locked in the cages.

So let's count up to 5,000, to rescue the trapped pets. Send them love by reacting "Love" to the previous comment.

During this journey, the pets you free will give you great prizes for sending them lots of love:

So let's begin! I'm starting:

If we work together we can all do it.

Tagging some players:


@RobinCorte , @samm_kml@Glenn1972@SabrinaM@KingChewy@johamilton@kiara_wael@Werner_Cichy@Nck@Nat09@bearwithme@paul5473@Crimson_Dawn@Chicken_Slayer@MiaChristine@candycrushinit@flew66@BQN537@gr33n3y3z@PummyRaj@ShannaSkywolf@Albert_Heinrich@Byrd59@sarma_palash123@Marzia333@tininha1975@Ashraf@Mary_Kay@LoveDachs@PrettyBubbles@MountainMom@RegalRenz@Princess_lovely@pearl_chetna@SBH@Yorben_Goeree@Leslie_B@Nix66@NamTruong2001@mercerik@Anahita_2005@Pcj@ipete@Origins7_Dale@Loveth_NP@BlueberryCupcake@MollyS@lemcbl@Iffu2@me6412@CandyCrushIsCool@Shilviya18@Freddy_Falkner@DieOmimi@Cagnes@cjay63@Twi@Alex18@一氧化二氫@NelaMezdrea@Cristina_20@Greymane@WonderlandCentury789@MysticalMisty2@larasofiasofia@yonahselcy@MollyS@crabapple@Marriam1@johan1082010@Icicle_246@jeanps@BubbleGumSoda@fable1707@smnafiz@bekicrusher@Annwat@plushytoysfan 

Have fun!

👑 Happy 2021 Everyone 👑

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