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❤️ Win Gold Bars - with the 2021 Valentine Community Contest (finished)

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Welcome to our Pawsome 2021 Valentine’s Day Community Competition! 

This is one of seven games that are part of a community wide contest event. You have a chance to win 20 gold bars from each contest! Once you have entered all seven contests, go to the Community Hub HERE to post the unscrambled names of all seven candies you found in each of the contests. Then add the name of your favorite candy and you will win a Valentine’s Day Badge and also be eligible to win 50 more Gold Bars!

Look at the image below and unscramble the letters to find the name of the Panda Bear's favorite candy, then post it in a comment below. 

Please use the spoiler for your answer or you won’t be eligible to win the 20 gold bars.

Five players who get the correct answer, will be randomly selected and will be awarded 20 gold bars to Pet Rescue Saga.

Contest runs until 1600 CET 19 February 2021. 

“Terms and Conditions here



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