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🐾 Win Gold Bars for your Pet Rescue Saga - Community Springtime Celebration Contest! (finished)

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Welcome to the Community Springtime Celebration Contest! 🌷 This is one of seven games that are part of a Community wide contest event.

Spring is now in full swing & our beloved pets are excited for the new season. They know their peeps around the Kingdom are preparing a special party to celebrate and, of course, would not want to miss it.

On their way to the party, as they roam the lands of Animal Kingdom, the pets realize that something is brewing in the air. It looks that the fresh breeze has scattered words that belong to the Community's spring greeting all over the place. Look, they even took a picture to show everyone at the party what they saw!

🐾 Please, help the pets by gathering all the letters that make up the words so they can keep going and reach the party on time.

➽ Once you have the words, please post them using the Spoiler box so other players get a chance to figure the answer on their own.

🐾 5 players with the correct answer will be randomly chosen to win 20 GB for their Pet Rescue Saga game

*Everyone can participate in this Community Wide event but please let us know if you don’t play this game, so the 20 GBs can be awarded to players of this game.

🐾 Once you have all seven words, go to the Community Hub HERE and write the words in the proper spots to reveal the special message. Everyone who participates and posts their answer in the Community Hub will win this special badge and 3 very lucky people will win 50 Gold Bars in a game of their choice!

Contest runs until 1500 CET 9 April 2021.

Terms & Conditions here.



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