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Like other posters I have contacted King's Pet Rescue Saga Team for assistance five or six times and often get only the bot answer and a "Hope this Helps" statement. The help they give is not always on topic or really helpful. but once or twice I have gotten some real help. The directions were in detail and on target. It was greatly appreciated and excellent. But not help every time.

However there is more help here in the community then you realize. And the type of help you get here is real help from people who play the game not people who are into the code details. I know of a code developer who once wrote a very complex search strategy knowing the internals of how it would work from keyboard to database and back again. However, when they saw the expert users of the system who did some of the operational design use the system they did not recognize their own code or how it was being used. So the user knew how it was designed and used, the developer knew how it worked internally. The best help for the user was from the user not the developer.

The kind of help you get here from the community is help form player to player. You are talking with others who have won the really hard challenges and are willing to share. This long answer - if you really want help it is here, at the community.


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    Thank you for your post @sringbean

    I agree, you get help from other players here, who also know and play the games. Plus, there are employees from King (the Community Moderators) are also very helpful and can contact the relevant departments or game teams within King if we need more specific help 😊

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    I am so unimpressed by Pet Rescue, there is always a fault that prevents proper game play and very little help so I wont buy any more gold bars till it works or there is proper support, no point if technical faults hinder progress.

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    Personally, I have noticed that most of these problems that are ongoing or take longer to solve are all related to the computer/facebook version of the game.

    It is rare to have a problem with the mobile app that cannot be easily fixed.

    Every time facebook has an update we have problems, last Friday is an example of this. Luckly it was fixed within a day.

    There is a test version of a whole new Pet Rescue Saga game that King are working on currently. Hopefully this one will eliminate all the problems our current version has.

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    Terrishere - Sorry to hear of your trials playing the game. Are you using Facebook or the mobile app? I have used the mobile app all the time and have had only a few problems and those were understandable. Like I had a tablet that was so old it would not run the latest version of the game. I was able to play over 4k levels and for over three years but after while technology gets old are will not hold up. So that is explainable. Since then no problem.

    And as far as buying gold bars why not play attempting to solve the levels and play with the allotted lives 5 at a time without buying gold bars or using bombs or rockets? There is fun in winning but there is far more challenge to winning without any assistance/boosters.

    Don't loose out on tons of fun because Facebook is causing problems. And you can get help here solving the issues if you ask.

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