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🐇🐢🐥 Guess the Moves and win Gold Bars! ( FINISHED )

kiara_wael Posts: 113,082 Candy Moderator
edited May 2022 in Contests

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Hello Rescuers 🐼

Can you guess how many my moves on level 133?

I played level 133 and the level have 50 moves requires 3 Pets to complete it. I got three stars on the level and don't use Golden Panda , Can you guess How many moves I did end up with on the level when it finished ? 


  1. How many moves do I take to complete the level, The guesses range from 10 to 30 moves.
  2. Only 1 entry accepted for every participant.

🏆️ Prizes

  • 5 (Five) Winners randomly picked players that comes closest to the moves will win 20 Gold Bars!,

🗓️ Dates

  • You will be able to participate here until 01st December ( 10:00 CET)  Terms and Conditions here.



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