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🐈️🐕️🎄 Are you a Ho, ho, ho hound or a Festive Feline?

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Winter and the festive season is here!

Who are you this season? A ho, ho, ho hound or a festive feline?

Vote and wish all other pet lovers happy holidays.

All players that votes and wishes happy holidays will also get this Pet Rescue Winter 2021 badge:

Don't miss out to play Winter Petopia in Pet Rescue Saga during the Holidays.

Find all details of the event HERE!

Happy Holidays and a Feliz Navi-dog everyone!

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🐈️🐕️🎄 Are you a Ho, ho, ho hound or a Festive Feline? 145 votes

Ho, ho, ho hound
johamiltonElsaJetKuil-SnatersePummyRajBarry_Dean_ClarkCarlitaAlfonsoDiamond LimGlenn1972Yorben_GoereeimabearnutEnergizerBunnybearwithmeSpinnifixBoybinaryBQN537encantesLola_Popgr33n3y3zPrettyBubblesEOTheGr8 70 votes
Festive Feline
Lady_ChooLynetteCrazy Cat Lad007jaycCrystalCTzvi_MarcuSukanta_BiswasAlexandra_TangSabrinaMXarlykiara_waelYoscacandycrushinitjeanpsNat09christine88xara70siti_payungbmkersey08lindark 75 votes


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