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“Stay away from my son, or else,” Spot threatened Mortadello.

The pet snatcher kicked Spot on the face, making him fall to the ground. Puppy growled and was about to attack Mortadello until Mack came charging towards Puppy and whipped him with a cane. Poor Puppy fell on the ground, whining in pain. Spot saw Puppy groaning in pain and he ran towards him, crying. Puppy opened his eyes weakly and tears welled up in his eyes. Spot carried Puppy and walked away, growling at the pet snatchers. Kat ran towards Puppy and hugged him.

”You’re coming with us! Now!” Mack threatened the pets.

The pets took a few steps away from the pet snatchers. Just as Mack was about to shoot the pets with his rifle, Puppy lunged forward and knocked him down to the ground, making him lose his grip on the rifle. Puppy bit Mack’s shirt collar and ripped it. Mack screamed in shock while Mortadello came charging towards him. Puppy jumped off Mack’s body and bit Mortadello’s leg, causing him to lose his balance and fall. Not long after, the Pet rescue team arrived in vans and helicopters. The pets ran towards the vans and jumped into the backseat. Some of the Pet rescue moderators arrested the pet snatchers involved in the snatching of the pets, including Mack and Mortadello. The Pet rescuers in the helicopter carried Puppy on a stretcher and Jellybean hopped into the helicopter. The helicopter immediately flew to Petopia Hospital.


“D…d..daddy? Is that you? M…Mommy?” Puppy questioned blankly as he opened his eyes.

Puppy was on a hospital bed, covered with bruises and scratches. Spot and Kat held their hands, crying. Jellybean was by Puppy’s side, crying too. Just then, a nurse entered, looking sad.

”I’m afraid I might have some bad news. The scratches can recover on his face but will be permanent on his body. There’s nothing we can do,” the nurse said in a solemn voice.

Hearing the news, Puppy felt devastated and cried. His parents and Jellybean tried comforting her but nothing worked.

“Well, all this happened years ago.

After this incident, I became the first hero of Petopia. One day, I was walking along the lake in the park when I saw a cat drowning. I jumped into the lake to save my childhood friend, Kitty. Now, Kitty and I are living together with our only daughter, Biscuit.”

The end

Let’s read Puppy’s story again —> Many years ago in Petopia — King Community

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