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Finding family

Jelly_bean_hearts Posts: 460 Level 3

Jellybean turned on the lights and she was shocked to see Puppy staring at her like a hawk, with pure hatred in his eyes. He already turned ten and he looked like a fire breathing dragon.

”Wow, I didn’t expect you to arrive at this point of time,” Puppy snickered, “Am I your prisoner? Are you trying to keep me away from my family”

”W…W..What are you talking about?” Jellybean asked.

Puppy rolled his eyes, then answered angrily, “I’ve been waiting for my family for months and years. Do you know how much I’ve missed them and been wanting to see them? No! All you do is just hang out with that boy and leave me alone like garbage.You kept me away from my family when I was young so that you can make me forget the fact that I have a loving family. You played with my emotions and ignored me. Gosh, you’re the worst and I’m better off without you.”

Puppy got off the couch and ran at the speed of lighting. Jellybean chased after him but he was too fast.

”I hate you! Don’t even look for me ever again!” Puppy screamed and left.

Jellybean started to shed tears and kneeled on the floor, covering her face. She grabbed her phone and called the Pet rescue moderator.

“Oh no! Why didn’t you tell him about the misunderstanding? It’s really dangerous for Petopia pets to be outside. I’ve researched about these pets and that they are vulnerable to danger. Pet snatchers tend to steal these pets to sell for money, which is illegal,” he told Jellybean, “We need to find Puppy before he gets into trouble.”

The Pet rescue moderator called his team before he and Jellybean ran out of the house. For hours they searched for Puppy but to no avail. Just then, Jellybean heard a cry coming from a bush. Jellybean peeked through the bush and saw Puppy covered with scratches and thorns.

“Puppy, is that you? Please don’t run away. I’m sorry for not telling you the truth. I didn’t abandon you. That guy can help you find your family. He’s a Pet rescue moderator,” Jellybean told Puppy.

Before Puppy could say anything, a few helicopters and vans appeared. When the vans slowed down, a lady came out and opened the back door. Just as she partially opened the door, a group of kidnapped pets burst out of the van: rabbits, cats, dogs, pandas, pigeons, etc. Puppy cried happy tears and hugged Jellybean.

”I’m so so sorry for accusing you Jellybean. I always thought humans were cruel to us but I was wrong. Your nothing like them. You’re kindhearted and caring. I love you!” Puppy said and ran to his parents.

Puppy’s parents, Kat and Spot, could be seen in the distance. Puppy ran among the crowd, excited to see them. But something that Puppy saw crushed his heart. Puppy’s parents hugged a little puppy that looked just like him. Puppy looked defeated. He laid on the floor, crying. Puppy ran away from the crowd but all of a sudden, one of the pet snatchers named Mack caught Puppy using a net while the other snatcher named Mortadello carried Puppy by the neck. Puppy barked loudly and bit his arm. Mortadello screamed in pain as he held his arm. Just as Mack was about to kick Puppy, Spot came charging towards him and bit his leg.

Continue —> Hero! 🦸 — King Community

Beginning—> Many years ago in Petopia — King Community


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