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Jellybean and Puppy

Jelly_bean_hearts Posts: 460 Level 3

“Please don’t hurt me!” Puppy cried.

The girl was shocked when he heard him talk. However, she picked him up and calmed him down. He looked at the girl’s eyes and blinked. The girl smiled widely and introduced herself as Jellybean. She gave Puppy some biscuits and Puppy felt like he was home.

”I miss my family. But I don’t know where they are!” Puppy cried again.

Jellybean hugged Puppy and placed him on the couch. Puppy slept, weeping at the same time. She placed a blanket on his body and stroked him. After that, Jellybean ran to the Community and to the Pet rescue community. She spotted a moderator from the Pet rescue community and told him everything.

”Those pet snatchers are very cruel. I can do something about it but now’s not the time,” he told Jellybean.

Jellybean nodded and left. Puppy was still sleeping and she placed a doll next to him.

”I’ll find your family. Promise,” Jellybean told Puppy.


Jellybean fed Puppy and gave him a box of toys to play with before going to the Community the next day. She started drawing at the lounge while thinking of a way to help Puppy. As she was drawing, a moderator from Pet rescue approached her and sat next to her.

“Still feeling sympathetic towards Puppy?” he asked.

Jellybean nodded and finished her drawing of Puppy. The Pet rescue moderator loved it and gave compliments.

”I have to go now,” Jellybean said, waved and left.

When Jellybean reached home, she saw the door leading to the art room opened. She heard a crash coming from the room and ran towards the sound. Her jaw dropped when she saw the paintbrushes all over the floor and squirts of paint all over the shelves. Puppy was covered with paint, leaving footprints all over the floor as he ran out of the art room. When Puppy saw Jellybean, he stood frozen to the ground. Instead of reprimanded Puppy, Jellybean giggled and carried Puppy to the bathroom. She cleansed him throughly and dried him. Puppy thanked Jellybean and rolled on the floor.

“Your the best Jellybean,” Puppy squealed, “but when can I go see my family. When will they be rescued?”

Jellybean looked at Puppy feeling pity. She promised that she would find his family and reunite him with them. As months and years passed by, the Pet rescue moderator and Jellybean became good friends and discussed ways on how to help Puppy. She was determined to get Puppy’s family back. But when she got home at midnight, something terrible was about to await her.

Continue: Finding family — King Community

Beginning: Many years ago in Petopia — King Community

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