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(ENDED)⛱🌞We are all going on a summer holiday! Part 1.

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Its Summer Pet Rescuers. A time that many of you will be thinking of going away on holiday (vacation if you don't live in the UK)

Our pets certainly are!

Starting today and each Monday of June, a postcard will be uploaded from our travelling pets.

To take part in the contest you need to guess where the pets have sent the postcard from.

At the end of the contest, five players will be awarded 15 gold bars for their games.

And everyone that takes part with every postcard, will get this badge made by our chief rescuer @Snow_Rider !

This is the first postcard!






Are very simple. To be elligible for the badge, you must guess the destination for each new postcard. You will be tagged everytime one is uploaded. (So apologies in advance for the tags)

⛱⛱ Prizes

15 gold bars for 5 random players but a badge for everyone that takes part every week.


You have until Friday 30th June 17:00 CEST

📱 Play Pet Rescue Saga HERE

Good luck everyone!

Tagging rescuers

 @ALIXKATERINE @Amethyst_Fox @Amoonmoon @Angel_Natasha @Angel1207 @ashleysneed14 @bearwithme @bekicrusher @betchiegrl29 @Boybinary @BQN537 @brandyw78 @candycrushinit @CarlaPouzache43 @carmenechevarria @CassD @CristianFitz @DawnieC @DFlowers77 @Debi4usa @DGenevieve @DieOmimi @eightmilenkc @EnergizerBunny @EOTheGr8 @Federico457 @Gabrian_Diaz @Gamer_ @Gisa77 @Glenn1972 @goofygoody @GrammaGaming @Havish @hechicerilla @helron @hermind @istuff @jeanps @Jelly_bean_hearts @johamilton @JoJo75durham @Joost_Theunis @jpellegr @Julie_Andrews @justme0252 @jutty @jbmv22 @KCullen127 @Kenki23 @kgarnett44 @kiara_wael @Kiki_g @Kimrr @KingsDaughter14 @kraljicamajka @ksi @La Ley @LadyGaivman @Lady_Sarina @lanerae22 @LeFlarcane @lelensp @Lemurtek @Lisal6715 @lisamo @littlemissmim08 @LoveDachs @Lynette @maf34100 @Magic_Mixer @me6412 @melamie @mil9 @MiladyR @mimibrandi @Moh1977 @MountainMom @Nat09 @ndaoz @Nenikapaki @Nico_G @NIKI5326 @Palash_Sarma @Peanut7139 @Pitty_Kitty @Princess_Jessica @PummyRaj @Rache79 @Racoon7 @Randabanda78 @rascallycat @rascalsmom @rebelchild @rosemariepahayo1 @SabrinaM @Sereni @Shagunpro @Sheryl_Thompson @siti_payung @Slurpy @Stefan_B @stellanero @Sukanta_Biswas @SUZANCE @tabby33 @Tamara73 @tashanight3 @teeweiping @teresawallace44 @Terri_1  @tiff411111 @tkbm7872 @Toune_PG @tratelqalam @tsaytds @tynat03 @Vladislav777 @Warriorcatslover @Wendiew @wessan12 @wykoon @Xxander @zainab786



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