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🐕 Challenging Blocks in Pet Rescue Saga

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Pet Rescue Saga is full of challenges and some of these are caused by the blocks themselves!

Not all blocks are simply pretty colors some of the others are: glass blocks, timed blocks, metal blocks, locked stone blocks, cage blocks, infected blocks, mesh blocks and the electric mesh maker block.

The appearance of any of these blocks within the game changes the way you'll play that level and how difficult it is to rescue the Pets and clear the blocks.

Sometimes they are within the level, other times they drop in while you play and some are even created in the levels.

Glass (encased) Blocks

Glass blocks are one of the easier blocks to deal with.

These encase a Pet, booster or any other block in glass which makes them useless until you can drop them onto a solid surface to break the glass.

Solid surfaces are any other unmovable areas on the board, like a locked block, or anything so entangled in vines so it cannot move and, of course the ground at the bottom of the game.

The high scoring diamonds and key are covered by glass blocks in this picture below, from Pet Rescue Saga Level 94

Timed Blocks

Timers can appear on any block in the game, like ordinary blocks, or Pets, or boosters.

Each time you make a move the timer will count down and the block is rendered useless until the time runs out.

The timed blocks pictured below in Pet Rescue Saga Level 278 are the line blaster blocks. These will not be able to be used until after the number of moves shown on them.

Metal Blocks

Metal blocks are simple but can be very frustrating!

They get in the way and cannot be moved unless you destroy them with a bomb, line blaster or rocket.

Pictured here in Pet Rescue Saga Level 1035, these metal blocks are removed by timed bombs 💣️

Locked Blocks

Locked blocks are interesting as when you unlock them they vanish!

The only way to remove locked blocks is by using the key.

Sometimes a key can be found in the level, other times it is the in-game booster you'll earn while playing.

But in some levels you will not get a key and you'll need to work with, or around, the locked blocks to rescue you Pets.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1405 shows some locked blocks that are not too diffucult to remove, once the key is out of it's glass block!

Cage Blocks

Cages statr off in the early stages of the game as a simple wooden cage, but if a Pet reaches the bottom still in a cage it is lost 😿

You need to free the Pet from it's cage before it hits the ground! To remove cages you can use any of the boosters, like bombs, line blasters and rockets.

Wooden cages will also smash when they hit a solid object within the game, like a ledge, locked blocks etc So you can free a Pet by smashing the wood from around it.

Wooden cages also smash if they hit the ground without a Pet in them.

Cages get more complicated as you progress in the game, on top of the wooden cage you can have a metal frame, then a metal grill.

Each of these stages requires a booster to remove it from the board, or around the Pet as only the final wooden stage can be smashed.

Some of the cages in Pet Rescue Saga Level 3165 (below) have many layers that need removing before the Pets can be rescued!

Infected (Virus) Blocks

We all know how quickly a virus can spread and this virus block does just that!

When you have virus blocks on your game board expect them to spread one block each move you make.

Also, to make things more difficult, these viruses prefer to travel diagonally.

Viruses can be removed with the boosters, but also come off the board in groups, like the matched color blocks.

Sometimes it is advantageous to remove the virus as quickly as possible from your board.

In other levels (especially when moves are limited) it can be better to let it spread and remove a large area of virus blocks in a single move.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 2491 shows these nasty virus blocks spreading!

Mesh and Electric (Mesh Maker) Blocks

Mesh blocks appear early in the game as simple mesh covered blocks and you can remove the mesh by making a move beside the affected block.

Things got a lot more difficult when the Electric Block was indroduced to the game!

The electric block has a small lever, that every second move will come out from the block and cover an adjacent block - no matter what it is, Pet booster or whatever - with mesh.

This can make a seemily easy level into a nightmare!

If you are able, you can in some levels, get a few good moves happening without 'waking up' the electric block by keeping your moves at least three blocks away from the electric block...but this method does not always work.

Electric, mesh maker, blocks just need to be dealt with by ignoring them and removing the mesh as needed, or trying to destroy the electric block it's self with a bomb, line blaster or rocket.

Destroying them can be difficult though as they need to be free of mesh to do this and they will often cover themselves with it first!

The Electric blocks in the image below, from Pet Rescue Saga Level 1306 have already covered most of what they can reach, but you can see by the levers on the yellow and pink blocks that they will be covered by mesh by the end of the next move!

I hope some of these descriptions will help you along your Pet Rescue Saga game 😺

Let me know about your favorite, and least favorite blocks within the game, and if you have any questions about them, please ask in the comments below.



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