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😺🌞 Pet Rescue Saga Summer Fun Community Contest 🌞😺 (finished)

LynetteLynette Posts: 3,595 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited August 2021 in Contests

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Hi Rescuers, Welcome to the 2021 Community Wide Summer Fun Contest!

There are seven contests throughout the community with the final contest located in the Community Hub.

You need to:

👉 spot the differences in each game for a chance to win 20 GB in that game

👉 go to the Community Hub HERE and list what the difference was of each special item mentioned in the 7 contests, for the chance to win 50 GB in the game of your choice!

Below are two images - they may look the same but there are 8 differences in Image 2!

List the 8 differences to have a chance at being one of the lucky 5 players selected to win 20 GB in your Pet Rescue Saga Game. 🐶

Players are encouraged to use the spoiler so other players can find the differences themselves.

The difference you find in the Cat is the Special Difference for this contest. You will need to post it as part of your answer in the Community Hub Contest. 😺

The contest will run until 15:00 CET 20 August 2021.

👉This Summer Fun Badge will be awarded to all players who post their answers in the Community Hub Contest!

Terms and Conditions here



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  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 64,038 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Here are my answers :

    Differences from Picture 2 (Bottom) :

    1. Small blue fish swimming on upper left of sea.

    2. One leaf added on upper right.

    3. Blue thing has missing on middle left.

    4. Sea shell has missing on bottom left of sand.

    5. Small pink flower has missing on bottom right of grass.

    6. Cat's Colour Eyes has changed from green to yellow. (Special Difference)

    I have found all of 6 differences only om these pictures. 😅

    Also tagging some Pet Rescue Players into spoiler :

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  • Julie_AndrewsJulie_Andrews Posts: 186 Level 3

    That was hard but I got all of them! :-)

    Thank you for tagging me!

    1. Extra splash dots of water up near pig's chest.

    2. Pink flower

    3. Small blue fish 🐟

    4. Shell is gone by blue shovel

    5. There's a blue thing by cats foot

    6. More leaves 🍃 at top right.

    7. Extra nail in wood

    8. Cat's 🐈 eyes went from green to gold

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 11,846 Ambassador

    Hi @Lynette 🤗

    Here’s my answer

    1- Cat’s eyes are yellow

    2- Rock on the beach

    3- Sand dot on wood plank

    4- Missing Shell

    5- Missing flower in the trees

    6- Missing splash drop on pigs pink tube

    7- Missing leaf on top right

    8- Missing fish in the wave

  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 6,246 Level 5

    The differences in the bottom image are:

    1 - The cat’s eye color is different

    2 - Mark to the right of the blue shovel is missing

    3 - Pink flower is missing in bottom right corner

    4 - Blue item missing on left side cre tee of screen

    5 - Additional leaf on the right side of screen

    6 - Upper left corner of screen has a fish added in the wave

    7 - There is an extra splash on the pig

    8 - A nail is missing from the wood

  • GreymaneGreymane Posts: 3,963 Level 5
    edited July 2021


    1 A fish appeared in the wave.. voila!

    2 Cat’s eyes changed colour

    3 Pink flower bottom right gone!

    4 Drop of water missing on pig's float

    5 Extra leaf to the right

    6 Missing shell thing at the bottom

    7 Missing spot on wooden planks

    8 Whatever that blue thingie is.. its missing!

  • istuffistuff Posts: 687 Level 4


    1-nail in wood plank

    2-cats eyes are a different color

    3-shell missing by shovel

    4-water splash on tube

    5-flower missing lower right

    6-fish added

    7-extra leaf top right

    8-blue thing in sand missing

  • aijaziqbalaijaziqbal Posts: 8,754 Candy Moderator


    Here are my answers.

    1. Different color of cat eyes.

    2-shovel shell missing

    3.water splash

    4-Missing flower right side.

    5 -Extra fish

    6.-extra leaf

    7. Blue item besides cat missing.

    8 .nail in wood

  • rebelchildrebelchild Posts: 8,439 Level 5

    @Lynette thank you for fun competition and @Diamond Lim thanks for tag. My guess is

    1 cats eyes different color

    2extra leaf on bottom picture on right

    3 shell missing

    4 fish missing in the waves on the right

    5 something blue in left corner is missing. Is it a bottle?

    6 there are different splashes on Pigs innertube

    7 the wood is missing a glob of sand on it

    8the pink flower on bottom right is missing

  • CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 865 Level 3

    eye color

    blue thing



    blue fish




  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 27,323 Crushing Legend

    .Cat’s eyes are yellow

    Rock on the beach

    Sand dot on wood plank

    Missing Shell

    Missing flower in the trees

    Missing splash drop on pigs pink tube

    Missing leaf on top right

    Missing fish in the wave



  • Moh1977Moh1977 Posts: 6,137 Level 5

    My answer is

    1- The color of a cat's eyes is different.

     2- Missing shovel shell.

     3- A blue item next to the cat above the sand is missing.

     4- Extra thickness on the waves.

     E- An extra sheet.

     6- Drops of water on the pig.

     7- A small pink flower is missing in the lower right of the grass.

     8- A missing spot in the wood plank.

  • Kezabelle3Kezabelle3 Posts: 2,364 Level 4

    Hi 👋

    The 8 differences are...

    1 - the cats eyes are orange

    2 - flower in right corner missing

    3 - shell by left corner missing

    4 - plank of wood missing spot

    5 - extra fish I'm wave

    6 - rock on beach missing

    7 - splash on floating ring missing

    8 - leaf missing by the top right

  • BQN537BQN537 Posts: 21,087 Legend

    Hi 👋 @Lynette

    The 8 differences are

    1 Cats eyes are missing

    2 Rock on the beach missing

    3 Sand dot on wood plank missing

    4 Shell Missing

    5 Flower on the trees missing

    6 Splash drop on pigs pink tube missing

    7 leaf on top right missing

    8 Fish in the wave missing

  • Andres-2Andres-2 Posts: 2,666 Level 5

    My answers

    1 - The color of the cat's eyes is different.

    2 - Missing shell at the bottom

    3 - A pink flower is missing in the lower right corner

    4 - A blue item is missing from the left edge of the screen

    5 - added an additional sheet on the right side of the screen

    6 - The upper left corner of the screen has a fish added in the wave

    7 - A drop of water is missing from the pig's float.

    8 - A nail is missing in the wood

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