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(Ended) 🎃🐈 Its Halloween! Share your kitties and earn a booster!🐈 🎃

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Happy Halloween Rescuers!

I am dusting off my broomstick as we speak bahaha. The one time of year we are legally allowed to scare children (oops maybe shouldn't have said that out loud!)

I didn't realise until later yesterday that it was national black cat day, and I see its national cat day tomorrow, so I am just in time with this contest!

Every broomstick rider needs a companion.

Meet Luna

He is 3. We originally thought he was a she but it turned out no so he kept his name anyway lol. He's actually my daughters cat after Mr Choo was talked into it for years. Quite sadly because I realised I am a cat person and he isn't. He likes gardening 😥 So does Luna and not the right sort. So Mr Choo had a love/hate relationship while I just loved him. He is very much his own cat. Comes and goes as he pleases and at one point when he lived here, we wouldn't see him for more than 10 mins a day. He would come in to say hello, eat and go. Then he had a collision with a car (he got clipped so it could have been worse) and I think he realised how much I loved him because after he was better and his fur had dried where I cried over him, I got all the loving. He would come and sit with me and curl up between my legs 😻 Sadly I don't see him so much now because he moved out with my daughter and he comes in mainly night time, but when I have been down there at night every 2/3 months, I still get all the loving and you can tell he is pleased to see us. 😻 He also tolerates my grandson cuddling and kissing him, now he doesn't scream so much (he is 2) and cuddles up to him when he is poorly. He loves dreamies treats. He looks at you as if to say "I am unloved, underfed and nobody gives me any treats and I am starrrrrrrving" He looks it doesn't he!

So that's Luna. What about you? Do you have any cats? Share a picture of your cat and a story if you want to and tell us about them 😽

As its Halloween our community manager has allowed us to give you a reward for sharing. So everyone that enters a valid cat picture will get a column blaster booster!

So please make sure to give us your game ID in your reply.

It doesn't have to be your cat. It can be a family members cat, neighbours, friends, even a cat who loves you on your street even. Come and share!

Contest ends Sundsay 6th November at 17:00 CET

Terms and Conditions here

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