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🐈️🏝️ Summer Petopia is coming! Are you ready and excited?

Lynette Posts: 5,958 Pet Rescue Moderator

Petopia is coming back!

It's Summer so our next Petopia will be fun and tropical!

Summer is already here so soon we will have Summer Petopia 🌞

Our favourite city builder feature will appear in our mobile app Pet Rescue Saga games.

Once again for Summer, it's a tropical, breezy, relaxing and warm Summer edition with palm trees, beaches and your Petopia city built on islands out in the sea!

So stay tuned for more details and all bonus Petopia content here in Community...

Are you ready and excited?

Vote, comment and let us know your expectations!

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🐈️🏝️ Summer Petopia is coming! Are you ready and excited? 35 votes

Yes, I can't wait. I love Petopia!
LynettePummyRajSabrinaMEnergizerBunnybearwithmeAmethyst_FoxlbwdesignjeanpsBQN537EOTheGr8MiladyRMountainMomDieOmimiKingsDaughter14rebelchildPrincess_JessicandaozCassDRacoon7Palash_Sarma 32 votes
I haven't played Petopia before, but won't miss it this time.
Lady_Sarinateeweiping 2 votes
I'm not a Pet Rescue player, but I should download the game now.
keshavrf 1 vote


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