I can no longer rotate my tablet (game not available in landscape mode)



  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,250 Community Moderator
    @willowgrace @mlou102 ;

    I understand that you are not happy about this, but this is what it is. I will pass on your feedback to the Game Studio though. 
  • willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
    Obviously they didn’t ask their users. My favorite game is now my least favorite. Awkward in portrait mode.
  • wstrmyrrwstrmyrr Posts: 6
    My iPad does automatic updates or I would’ve never went to this new format either.  I’m up to 2516 and this is a game ender for me if they don’t change it!
  • willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
    Me, too! I’m at 2667. I also hate the 15 minute wait between new lives. 
  • mlb0213mlb0213 Posts: 3
    To the Community Moderator - what is a “gam map”?  And is there a way to revert to a previous version, or are we stuck? King did this to Candy Crush Friends, too, so I had to switch to playing it on my phone - the iPad is too heavy to support in one hand in portrait mode. Don’t their marketing people research what their consumers want or don’t want in a game?
  • Dawn_BaddeleyDawn_Baddeley Posts: 2
    What’s happened since yesterday?  This game can now only be played in portrait display. None of my settings have been changed and the other games are not affected.  Can this be rectified?   It’s an absolute nuisance.  
  • sherrigohnbouchersherrigohnboucher Posts: 0
    edited June 29
    Ugh. I cannot rotate the screen. HELP!
  • ashaw55ashaw55 Posts: 1
    Please please change it back to landscape...  can’t play in portrait!
  • gailpastelgailpastel Posts: 1
    I won’t play in portrait mode, they ruined the game for me. A real shame.
  • GrannyEllieGrannyEllie Posts: 2
    I too have had to stop playing which is a real shame as my family will miss the competition.
    I just can’t play in portrait mode! Plus I miss the other features such as the map.
  • jpwilkjpwilk Posts: 9
    You can download older versions from various sites on the web (pet-rescue-saga.en.uptodown.com for android versions). You will need to uninstall the one you have and in order be be able to install the older version. You start from scratch but once you log in to your account all your levels and maps are back and landscape mode. I made sure that in PlayStore I disabled automatic app updates but even if you don't, you still have the older downloaded version and you can uninstall/reinstall again.
  • willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
    Do the levels still progress? I’m on 2667.
  • jpwilkjpwilk Posts: 9
    Yes. Plus you have the maps back. Your gold bars are also back.
  • willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
  • GribbieGribbie Posts: 1
       I cannot play this game in portrait mode, it is extremely annoying!! Please correct this so I can continue to play this game!!  And yes, I know how to work my IPad and it is not locked! 
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