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Welcome to the Pyramid Solitaire Saga community!  Whether you just came here today for the first time, or you've been here for a bit, I'd like to welcome you to our community. 

I am going to give you a break down of some of the things that we have here in the community.  Our community is broken down into 4 sections (Discussions, Support, Exciting Events and King Community).

Let’s start with the Discussion area.

In the Discussions area you will find a Welcome to the community message.  You will be given information on how to use the community, as well as how to gain points and earn badges.  Important topics for your read are the Main Questions and Issues directly related to your game. And the Community Guidelines.  There are a few fun messages too so please take your time to read them.

In the Discussion area you will also see Ra’s Third Eye.   This section will be information about the episodes so you might want to check here often.

Now let’s move on to the Support area.

In the Support area is where you will post your issues or contribute to any current discussions.  For example, if you are having difficulty with a level or you think that you might have found a glitch, you can check it out in this area. 

You also have the option of doing a search for your issue.  You might want to do a search first to see if your issue has already been posted.

Just type in a couple of words what your issue is.  If it has been previously mentioned a list will come up and then you can click on each message to see if it’s the same issue and then you can post there.  Or, you can start a new discussion.

Our King Superstars are here to help you with your issues and if we don't have the answers we can also search or tag @Lola_Pop, the community moderator or @STOKEDER, our Pyramid Solitaire Saga Expert . They are volunteers who love the community and enjoy helping players with their game issues.  You can recognize them by the stars in their profile pictures and you can recognize our experts by their signature .


Also located in this area you will find the FAQs area.

It is further broken down to 2 sub-areas (How to Play and General Questions).

The How to Play section explains all the event challenges, the boosters and the different game modes.  The General Questions section will offer you various common questions and responses for purchases, progress, Facebook or the Kingdom, etc.  If you are a visual person you might want to check out this video - A Superstar Guide to Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Next area that we would like you to know about is the Exciting Events.

Here you can view all current and past contests for this game. 

This is part 1 of a two-part message.  You can find part 2 here.

You can find out more about our Superstars here
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