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Browngirl Newbie


  • It would be nice if we could collect the boosters we have and transfer them to the regular play or at least receive some boosters for what we've collected and now will be losing... Wouldn't hurt y'all but would definitely help us 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Another weekend without Bubblegum Hill, another weekend of me not playing. 4 months is a ridiculous amount of time to fix a program that they are supposedly trained to be able to do. Well i can at least say CCSS has saved me a lot of money by not having it, i've bought a whole new summer wardrobe with what i would've spent…
  • So no bubble gum hill this weekend, this is the reason i still play this game. Why would y'all change things? Everyone should be able to play, this is a bad move for King. I looked forward to the weekend to play it and would spend money to do so. If it stays this way y'all are going to lose money and players, me being one.

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