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Share your first comment and discussion that you've made in this community, and let's make some fun!

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Hi my beautiful friends!

King Community is pretty amazing... and also delicious!

My first apperence in this community was October 6th 2018 even before Candy Crush Friends Saga comes out and i'm start posting in Candy Crush Friends Saga area!

So Here's my first comment... 😅

And here's my first discussion! 😄

So it's funny right? So i need you (if you want) to post your first comment and your first discussion you've made in this community and btw it's takes time to search... and if you want to check on it, so go to your profile page and go to the comments and discussions sections and find them... 😉

So let's make some fun together... 🥰

Have a delicious day! 💗💖💝

Keep crushing it!!



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